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  • Sebastian Philip

    50 59.52%
  • Maximillian Thomas/Philip

    7 8.33%
  • Max Theodore

    27 32.14%
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    Less than a month to go and still undecided... panicking!

    Okay. I think (99% sure) we have narrowed it down to these three names for our baby boy due this month.

    Sebastian Philip
    Maximillian Thomas/Philip (would just be called Max 99% of the time)
    Max Theodore (no longer version)

    What do you think? Do you think Max works on its own or is it better to have a full name? Would it bother you to have two children that share the same first two letters? My other kids are L30 and M@rg0t (please don't write their names in the responses thank you!)

    HELP! I am currently leaning towards either Sebastian Philip or Max Theodore but cannot decide.

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    This was really hard for me because I had both Max and Sebastian on my name list for our new little boy, as well. And I love them both.
    I went with Max Theodore simply because I like Theodore more than Phillip or Thomas. But really no matter which you choose, they are good names!
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    I'd go with either Sebastian or just Max. I think if you're going to call him Max majority of the time, it might as well be his given name! Max Theodore and Sebastian Philip are both strong, handsome combos, I like them a lot. I think I lean towards Sebastian Philip because I truly love Philip, but Max works really well with your other children. For that reason I'd recommend it to you as a frontrunner. Having two kids with the same first letter doesn't bother me. It's when it's three that it starts to become a pattern, imo.

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    I really like Sebastian with your other kids.

    I think Max totally works on its own!

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    I love Max Theodore! If he will just be called Max then I'd lean towards just using it on its own as opposed to Maximillian. Sebastian Phillip is so handsome too but as Phillip (and Thomas) isn't my style I voted for Max Theodore.
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