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Thread: Last Child?

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    Last Child?

    How do you know when it’s time to stop having kids? I am pregnant with number 3, and from the beginning my husband and I have said this is it; but now I am having doubts about that.
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    People tell me you will know. I didn't feel done after our second was born. But we decided that despite our longing for a third, we wouldn't have another for reasons outside of our control (mainly financial). We decided maybe one day in the future when things are better we MAY have a third, but it would be in the future.

    I've found myself unexpectedly pregnant and the timing isn't great, it won't be easy but we're excited. After this baby I feel like we will feel done. Even if we don't feel done, we definitely will be (my husband has already decided to have a vasectomy to be sure), so I hope we do feel done or I'll always wish for another.
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    Congratulations on your third kid. If you and your husband feel that one or two kids are enough so after that you can stop. It depends on the couples. Every couple thinks different and definitely everyone has different decisions.

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    I'm not sure that you ever REALLY know. I have been obsessed with having babies, and we knew we wanted a big family. I thought after our 4th that I was done. I was talking about getting my tubes tied or husband getting a vasectomy. He requested I wait and thought I might change my mind. He was right. Our 5th was unplanned and a total surprise but I found after he was born and got through his baby to toddler stage, I still wanted one more. So here we are now with #6! lol.

    I am certain at this point thought that I need to be done. Though it isn't because I "definitely don't want more" it's more because pregnancy gets more and more difficult the more that you have, and I don't think my body needs to go through this again. lol. We have acknowledged that several years down the road, once our kids start to go out on their own, we might want to adopt another. Though by then, our oldest kids might start getting ready to give us grand-kids so maybe those will tide me over. haha. With this many kids, I'm hoping for lots of grandkids in the future.
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    Well we thought we'd be done with four but we didn't feel done at all and are now planning to TTC our fifth next year. Whether we feel done or not after that, we will be. We couldn't fit a sixth child in our home! We feel five is a good number. Originally we aimed for four as I am one of four and it always felt right, but it does feel like we're missing just one.
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