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    Iโ€™m still feeling pretty good, but the past two days I have been SO tired, all I want to do when I get home from work is sleep.

    When is everyone planning on telling others about your pregnancy? My original plan was to wait to tell our families after the first appt/ultrasound, and then tell everyone else closer to 12/14 weeks around valentines, but keeping it secret is killing me! Plus I think my mom already suspects, and I work 1 on 1 with another coworker 8 hrs a day and if morning sickness and other symptoms pop up Iโ€™m not sure I could keep it hidden.
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    My symptoms have been coming and going just enough to mess with my head!! Symptoms du jour were sore boobs, funny sensations in uterine area, fatigue and excessive thirst.

    I had the plan to do the acorn thing at 8 weeks (Christmas) with my parents but my mom is trying to plan a trip for us in May and was really pushing to get confirmation that I was able to come... So I'm going to tell them either tomorrow or Saturday morning. Ruining the Christmas plans, ma!

    I have a board book called How to Babysit A Grandpa that was too cute not to buy, so I'd like to have my dad find out that way, but I'd also like to directly tell my mom but don't have any 'props' for her surprise.. Maybe I can get them in different rooms to tell them and get to have two moments of realization!

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    Ooh the thirst thing is definitely something Iโ€™m dealing with right now too plus dry mouth.
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    We told our immediate families at Thanksgiving. I'm a big wine drinker, so it was going to be super obvious (plus they know that we were trying).

    I plan to tell my close girlfriends and extended family after our appt on the 14th. I'll tell other people when I see them once I'm into the 2nd trimester. I'll tell my boss once I'm 14 weeks.
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    Hi ladies

    Congrats on all the new BFPs! I'm 9 weeks along today. We went for our dating scan a week ago and measured right on track at 8 weeks. It was such a relief to see that racing heart beat!

    We told our immediate families last weekend and have told some close friends too since. It has been really fun seeing all of the reactions. We gave my in-laws a Christmas bauble with a tiny bootie inside- was quite funny because none of the hints were received and we eventually had to actually say 'we're pregnant!' For my family we had a t-shirt made for my little brother who is 4 that said UNCLE (he's adopted and is the light of all of our lives). That was super cute and fun. For friends we snuck a sonogram picture into a photo album. We plan to tell extended family and friends at Christmas/New Years.

    Still very nauseous and struggling with light-headedness and fatigue but hopeful that it will improve in the next few weeks.

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