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    Hi! I am due July 22nd. Very unexpected, we had accepted that we likely wouldn't be having any more children due to finances and some other factors, so it is a little nerve wracking but we are feeling positive and finally over the shock of it! Decided to take a test as I was a little late (but I am irregular) and got a very positive result. Nearly died right then!

    This is our third, we have a 6 and (almost) 4 year old.
    Dashel Rhodes 05.15.12
    Junia Eiffel 12.12.14
    Baby tres 07.22.19

    Top combos right now
    Casper Bellamy & Verona Ripley

    Other maybies: (our full list is a LOT longer)
    Indira, Vesper, Xanthe, Verona, Margot, Maeve, Eleri, Sienna, Elodie
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    Called my OB to schedule an appointment today. December 14th seems so far away! I’ll be 7 weeks (I think) so I’m hoping my OB will do an ultrasound, even though it’s early
    Little one due July 2019!

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    I have a nurse consult next week, but they just take blood samples and kind of check you out and give you their basic recommendations for nutrition/exercise all that stuff at this appointment at my office. I was really hoping I could get in for an ultrasound before the holidays, and I probably could've if I had just told them my last period date and not told them when I ovulated (yay ridiculously long cycles). Last time they didn't believe me anyway, but I don't want to get there and have them expecting me to be way further along and then freaking out if my hcg levels are lower than they should be for someone they're expecting to be, or if baby is 5 weeks behind what it should be.

    So now I'm trying to figure out when I want to tell family. I was hoping to have the ultrasound done first so I could show them, but I'm not opposed to telling before. The holidays seems like a great time to do it (last time we announced on New Year's Eve). But we also just planned a trip with my husband's family around 15 weeks, so I might try to wait til then if I can get away with it. I'm scared of showing super early this time around, so I might not be able to.

    Also, I have this paranoia about twins. I had it last time too, so it feels silly, but it will make me feel a lot better to get an ultrasound and see one baby in there haha. If I do start showing early, I'm going to stress. Even though the odds are not that high! I just tested positive way earlier this time, and I have always worried about it for some reason. And I have to wait until JANUARY to know for sure.

    Other than all of that, things here are great! No symptoms yet, so far so good. Glad to see more people getting BFPs!

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    @shalexis totally with you on the twin paranoia, though I don't have any in my family so not too much of a risk.

    Congrats on all the recent BFPs!

    We have our dating scan on Friday (I'll be around 8 weeks). I can't wait to see that everything is okay. It's so hard waiting and not knowing, though I know some people have to wait even longer. I started taking nausea meds this past weekend- called my OB for recommendations and they sent a script through to my pharmacy. I was struggling to eat or drink anything, so I'm feeling a lot more human most of the day now.

    Sending good thoughts to everyone

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    Hi ladies!

    I got my BFP on Sunday for my 2nd! Estimated due date July 30. So far not many symptoms - just my boobs growing already, and they are super tender!

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