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    I just got my bfp today! So I’m tentatively joining this thread, my EDD is August 11.

    I usually would wait to even announce on here that I’m pregnant but my husband has his last few finals of the semester this Monday and I don’t want to tell him until after he’s completed his tests just so he’s not distracted, but I have to tell someone!

    When I was at work I was talking with some co workers, and one of the ladies mentioned that she might be pregnant and was in the tww, and I started thinking ‘oh so could I’ and so when I got home today I thought I’d test and what do you know it turned out positive! I am over the moon about it!

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    Got my first BFP on Sunday, followed by some positive re-tests Monday and Wednesday! First pregnancy and child for myself and my husband. 33 & 34 years old, dog lovers.

    I have short cycles (26th days) so I believe I ovulated on the 13th. I'm at 4 weeks 2 days.

    Symptoms are coming on already which is wild because the fact that I. Am. Pregnant. has not sunk in yet.
    Biggest one has been the pinching/tugging sensations in my uterine area. It's almost constant and at times distracting. Not painful, well OK it is painful but not unbearable.
    Next one is some sore boobs
    Yesterday I was exhausted after work but my workload has been very high this week.

    Tired again today...!

    Our first visit isn't until Jan 3, as Xmas day is 8 weeks. Seems like forever away. Trying to stay calm and positive!

    Have told my two BFFs (long distance, they have 2 and 3 kids each) and a few friends here.

    Telling my parents (who live local) on Christmas day I saw something that is an acorn and it says "congrats you're going to be grandparents! Your grandbaby is the size of an acorn"
    Not sure how to tell his parents (they already have 2 grandkids and live a state away). Also how to tell my brother (local, who is going through a messy divorce) and husband's sister (long distance...). Ideas would be awesome! Skype/FaceTime would be immediately suspicious (if his parents even knew how to use it!)

    That's all for now... Oh the Ovia pregnancy app is pretty neat! Only have been using it for two days but I really like it so far.

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    Hi everyone,

    I got my BFP last saturday, making my EDD August 6th. This is my first pregnancy so I am very nervous! My husband and I only got married on the 31st of October so it is all very quick. Have been TTC for 3 months. Really thought it would take longer!
    Hopefully we all have lovely sticky babies!!!
    Odin Beowulf due August 6th

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    Congratulations everyone!

    How's everyone feeling? I haven't been too sick, really. I was a little sick last weekend but I think I MAY have gotten Dash's sickness from last week but I can't be sure because I wasn't as sick as he was. I am just SO achy. aAnd so tired. I haven't done bedtime in a while because I'm always too tired to round the kids up to get them into bath & bed. I let them stay up a little later and get my husband to do it instead.
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    Im still really early, so I don’t really have any symptoms except I’ve been getting backaches, which is uncommon for me and a bit gassy/bloated but no nausea so far.

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    No serious symptoms here yet. I have had sore boobs on and off, and some bloating, but it's also the week after thanksgiving and my diet has been WAY worse than normal. I'm recommitting myself to eating better and continuing to exercise today, I do NOT want to gain 60 pounds again if I can avoid it!!

    My 6 week nurse consult is tomorrow. I feel like things are moving fast already! I'm tentatively hoping to keep things secret and wait to tell our families until January or February if I can, but I did tell a friend last week because she was fishing haha. I'm still a little in denial I think.

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    My consult was ok. They don't do an ultrasound or anything, so nothing too exciting to report. I did pass out while having my blood drawn, so that was fun. That happened once about 6 years ago, and I've done so well since then! Super embarrassing... But they got all the blood they needed, so now I just get to wait patiently for another month until we can do an ultrasound. I am half tempted to go to one of the private companies that does them, but we don't really need to pay for that, so I probably won't.

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    I just got my BFP last night! EDD 8/2/19 by LMP but I have extra long cycles so by ovulation date 8/17/19. Can't wait to get an ultrasound to see what date they say! SO excited! Our son Theo is 20 months. I've told my 2 closest friends and hubby so far. I am thinking of telling our families at Christmas.
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    I got a light positive today! tentatively joining and hoping it gets darker! estimated due date would be August 8, should be about 5 weeks.
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    Yay, welcome new ladies! So happy to have you.

    I’m 6+4 and was feeling really great up until yesterday. Hiiii, morning sickness! Luckily, I had an acupuncture appointment already set up and afterwards picked up some saltines and ginger ale. This morning I had a few saltines before getting out of bed and feel way better.

    How’s everyone else feeling??

    Still anxiously awaiting my first appointment on the 14th. This time of year usually flies by but it seems to be crawling by.
    Little one due July 2019!

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