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    My EDD is 7 August with a little boy! Third child, really feeling sympathy for my mom. I'm scared it'll be a miscarriage, but all is well atm.
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    I have gained like at least 35 pounds so far, probably more but I'm not keeping track because it was so depressing for me last time. I want to eat better to avoid as much excess weight gain as I can going forward, but it's been really hard to eat well while we're staying with other people... on the weekends we're kind of reliant on what food my in-laws have in the house (I should probably just start grocery shopping and cooking more for ourselves, but I hate taking over the kitchen when we're guests!) and on the week days I want to cook the simplest stuff possible so we're not invading our host's kitchen, and we just end up eating out a lot because all my kitchen stuff is packed up and I have no motivation. I am trying to eat better at work this week at least, I eat breakfast and lunch here, so that's better than nothing. But FORGET about working out right now haha. I am going to try to walk more these last few weeks, but that's about all I can manage at this point.

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    We signed on our house FINALLY. Tonight is the last night that we have to spend in our friend's basement, we'll stay at my in-laws again this weekend, and then we get to move in Sunday! I'm a bit nervous about moving, since I got winded WATCHING my daughter play at the park yesterday, but we'll have a lot of help, and moving in is way less urgent than moving out anyway... right? Anyway, hopefully this time next week we've at least relocated everything from storage/friend's basement/my in-law's house to our new house, though I'm sure we won't quite be settled.

    Also, apparently I'm at the stage where everyone thinks I'm about to explode any second. I get a lot of funny looks when I say I still have 6 weeks!

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    Congratulations shalexis, I’m sure having your own space will be a big relief.

    Ok so I have to vent just a bit. My husband is the only son in his family of 9 siblings, so I am the only daughter-in-law. I love my in laws very much, and usually we get along pretty well. However since I’ve gotten pregnant I have been struggling with the way they’re handling the situation. With all of their own daughters they expected their son in laws to work through out the whole pregnancy, and for their daughters to stay home recoup, take care of the baby for as long as necessary. However with us, my father in law keeps saying he needs my husband for his own ‘projects’ and guilt trips him into not working so I have been supporting us for the last few years as my husband tries to get through school (which has been a struggle with my father in law as well, I think he’s terrified if my husband gets a good job we’ll abandon him) And when we’ve talked to them about me quitting my job or taking maternity leave and my husband taking over (he’s only taking one class this semester, he has plenty of time to pick up a job) I feel like they’re pushing me to just hand the baby over to them as soon as I can so I can get back to work, and my husband can continue to help his dad. Which irks me, a lot. Now I’m not against working in fact I’m hoping to go back to work part time after a few months. But I just wish they would give me the same benefit they give their own daughters and let my husband take care of the bills for awhile.
    Then to top it off, we’re due the very beginning of August, they knew that, but they booked a trip for the last week in July. Which for me wasn’t big deal, I don’t want anyone else in the delivery room except my husband, so I figured if I went into labor a week or two early and they missed it, it would be ok they could just meet baby when they got back. However last week we were talking and mentioned something like ‘well maybe she’ll be a July baby, you never know’ and they told us we better not have our baby in July because they booked a vacation. What!?

    I’m pretty sure part of it is hormones distorting the whole situation a bit, but I’m feeling very 2nd class compared to how they treat their own daughters during their pregnancies. And my husband is struggling trying to keep his parents happy as well as me and I feel like since this is our first baby I’m already stressed enough and this attitude is just causing me and my husband more unnecessary stress.

    I guess I’m just wondering if Im being over dramatic/emotional and if I should just suck it up and go back to work and stop complaining

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    @reneiregina Welcome!

    @shalexis Congratulations! What a relief!

    @libelluclaire I don't think you're overreacting. Part of being married and being parents is prioritizing your small family over your parents and extended family. He no longer should be putting his parents happiness over yours. If he's taking a class, he should get a job - if that's what works for both of you. Whichever way his sister's handled their marriages and their babies, is kind of besides the point. You both can certainly make your own decisions and you should.

    I hope that didn't sound harsh, it's not meant to be!
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