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    Heaven/Hell/Purgatory Themed Girls

    1. Move two names you like from Purgatory to Heaven
    2. Move two names you don't like from Purgatory to Hell
    3. Move one name you don't like from Heaven to Purgatory
    4. Move one name you like from Hell to Purgatory

    Goal: Once all names are in Heaven or Hell, with none left in Purgatory, begin eliminating the names: First eliminate one name that you DON'T like from Heaven. Then, eliminate one name you DO like from Hell. In the end, there will be one favorite name in Heaven & one least favorite name in Hell. When all the names have been eliminated, someone else can post the next list.

    There is one difference in this game. Every name in each list will all be a part of the same theme. Themes can be stuff like nature names, fantasy characters, word names, Christmas names, colors, 1 syllable names, nicknames etc.

    Place names


    Purgatory: Africa, Asia, Alabama, Alaska, Albany, Alberta, Amazon, America, Argentina, Arizona, Atlanta, Augusta, Austin, Austria, Boston, Brazil, Brooklyn, California, Canada, Carolina, Carson, Charlotte, Cheyenne, Chicago, China, Colorado, Columbia, Dakota, Dallas, Denver, Egypt, England, Florida, Georgia, Ghana, Hawaii, Helena, India, Indiana, Iowa, Ireland, Italy, Jakarta, Jamaica, Jersey, Juneau, Kansas, Kenya, Korea, Libya, London, Louisiana, Madison, Maine, Malaysia, Manitoba, Miami, Missouri, Mongolia, Montana, Nevada, Nova, Olympia, Paris, Phoenix, Regina, Russia, Salem, Scotia, Scotland, Sioux, Sparta, Sydney, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Victoria, Virginia, Wyoming, Zealand


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