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    Lightbulb The Tech Startup – Name Game

    CoFounder/CEO: KPG

    CoFounder/COO: TDE

    Director of Finances: VCB

    HR Manager: LMQ

    Front Desk Admin: CCB

    Director of Marketing: ARS-F

    Marketing Project Manager: MCA

    Content Marketing Specialist: PLB

    SEO Coordinator: GCI

    Email Marketing Coordinator: TJG

    Advertising & PR Coordinator: SPK

    Lead Copywriter/Editor: BEK

    3 Freelance Copywriters: FRM, GLT, YAZ

    Social Media Coordinator: IKG

    Social Media Intern: PRN

    Creative Director: FWN

    2 Graphic Designers: BZS, NRF

    Design Intern: HAU

    Director of Sales: BHE

    3 Sales Reps: KSA, GRB, SWD

    Director of Technology: BOW

    Technical Project Manager: REP

    2 Web Developers: STK, AVE

    2 Software Developers: DNU, HRC

    App Developer: JBE

    UX Designer: MAF

    IT support technician: TIG

    Technology Intern: HRV

    QA lead: WDC

    Accounts Manager: LGN

    3 Customer Service Representatives: TNK, CVR, BGL
    Aurora, Cosette, Sunday, Tatum, Zadie, Madeleine, Bea, Este, Ivy, December, Astoria, Aria, Bronte, Eloise, Juniper, Jordana, Rosalie, Maven, Santana, Cadence, Celine, Olive, Coralie, Hazel, Luxe, Zara, Petra, Jolie, Brynne, Margot, Birdie, Willow, Noelle

    Bowen, Mars, Huxley, Asa, Moseley, Oslo, Broderick, Crosby, Ansel, Teddy, Leo, Finn, Auden, Theo, Thatcher, Callister, Ledger, Orson, Brighton, Miles, Briggs, Wilder, Eisley, Dax, Moss, Bear, Quimby, Venn, Gene, Cruz, Caspar

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    Loki Land
    The Tech Startup – Name Game
    CoFounder/CEO: Katharine Phoebe Green

    CoFounder/COO: Theodore Drake Emerson

    Director of Finances: Vance Carlisle Baker

    HR Manager: Lauryn Mae Quincy

    Front Desk Admin: Charlotte Catherine Bailey

    Director of Marketing:
    Alice Rachel Sutton-Fisher

    Marketing Project Manager: Maria Casey Archer

    Content Marketing Specialist: Paula Lee Brown

    SEO Coordinator: Gordon Carter Ingram

    Email Marketing Coordinator: Theodora Jane Green

    Advertising & PR Coordinator: Serena Pauline Konrad

    Lead Copywriter/Editor: Bethany Eliza Killian

    3 Freelance Copywriters: Faith Robin Mackenzie, Gracie Leona Taylor, Yuki Anthony Zyler

    Social Media Coordinator: Isaac Kayden GowerIke

    Social Media Intern: Peter Robert Nolan

    Creative Director: Francine Willa Northcliff

    2 Graphic Designers: Bernard Zavier Snow, Nathaniel Richard Fisk

    Design Intern: Haley Alyssa Upton

    Director of Sales:
    Belinda Harriet Ellington

    3 Sales Reps: Katrina Sarah Austen, Grant Roger Bell, Sara Willow Dawson

    Director of Technology: Benedict Oliver Wang

    Technical Project Manager: Riley Everett Park

    2 Web Developers: Sadie Thea Kingston, Alice Vera Earl

    2 Software Developers: Devi Nikhila Urban, Harlee Rae Chase

    App Developer: Joy Brianne Everett

    UX Designer: Min An Fang

    IT support technician: Theo Idris Gold

    Technology Intern: Howard Raymond Vance

    QA lead: Wendy Daphne Cash

    Accounts Manager: Lorelai Gabrielle North

    3 Customer Service Representatives: Tala Noelle Kingsley, Charlie Viggo Rogersson, Belle Gabriella Lane

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    May 2014
    Austin, Texas
    CoFounder/CEO: Kathryn Pamela Gee **Kat Gee**
    Kat is creative, dynamic, well-spoken, and an impeccable leader.

    CoFounder/COO: Theodore Daniel Ehle **Ted Ehle**
    Ted works on operative programming, is highly motivational, calm, and composed.

    Director of Finances: Vaughan Cassius Brewer **VC Brewer**
    VC is confident, mathematically brilliant, and charming. Always happy to guide and help.

    HR Manager: Laura Marlene Quimby **Lo Quimby**
    Lo is a people-person through and through. She is very extroverted & a scholar of human behavior. Lo reports to Ted.

    Front Desk Admin: Camilla Claire Bryant **Cam Bryant**
    Cam, who masquerades as a fashion blogger, is steadfast, organized, communicative, and witty. Cam reports to Lo.

    Director of Marketing: Ava Rhodesia Simspon-Fray **Ava Simpson-Fray**
    Ava is innovative, certain, and analytical. She is team-first and determined. Ava reports to Kat.

    Marketing Project Manager: Margot Casey Appleby **Mari Appleby**
    Mari is regimented, bright, and optimistic. She leads projects with tact and results. Mari reports to Ava.

    Advertising & PR Coordinator: Sierra Phoebe Kane **Sierra Kane**
    Sierra is patient, ambitious, and capable. Her mind for analytics and consumer insights is unmatched. Sierra reports to Ava.

    Email Marketing Coordinator: Taylor Jade Gafferty **Taylor Gafferty**
    Taylor has a tremendous way with words, meshed with an analytic, problem-solver’s brain. Taylor reports to Sierra.

    SEO Coordinator: Gabriel Christopher Iseman **Gabe Iseman**
    Gabe is tech-savvy, blunt, and unperturbed. He is a thought-leader and runs a successful blog about SEO on the side. Gabe reports to Sierra.

    Content Marketing Specialist: Pilar Lalaine Bezos **Pia Bezos**
    Pia is a creative, bold, and brilliant content marketing maven with major digital skills. Pia reports to Ava.

    Lead Copywriter/Editor: Brinley Eveline Kerns **Brin Kerns**
    Brin is an enigmatic, curious, and explorative copywriter with a linguist’s tact. Brin reports to Pia.

    3 Freelance Copywriters: Francesca Rose Mascowicz **Franny Mascowicz**, Gwyneth Lois Talbot **Gwen Talbot**, and Yuri Asa Zao **Yuri Zao**.
    Franny is a clever, thoughtful, and considerate copywriter with years of English teaching experience.
    Gwen is an effervescent, zealous, and generous spirit with an energetic approach to prose.
    Yuri is a boisterous, infectious character with an unmatched sense of humor.
    Franny, Gwen, and Yuri all report to Brin.

    Social Media Coordinator: Ian Krishna Gupta **Ian Gupta**
    Ian is a culture-savvy advocate and volunteer who networks constantly and has a huge social influence and impact. Ian reports to Pia.

    Social Media Intern: Preston Ryan Nealy **Preston Nealy**
    Preston is a courteous quick-learner with a scholarly, disciplined personality. Preston reports to Ian.

    Creative Director: Fawn Willow Nolte **Fawn Nolte**
    Fawn is a wild child, a nature lover, and a creative force who drives the brand forward. Fawn reports to Ava.

    2 Graphic Designers: Bertram Zachary Spacek, **Bram Spacek** and Nicolas Raymond Faustus **Nico Faustus**
    Bram is a quirky, articulate and intellectual self-proclaimed Geek with a love of all things antique. He’s highly skilled at design. Nico, also incredibly skilled in visual media, is composed, confident, and authentic in his brand. Bram & Nico both report to Fawn.

    Design Intern: Harper Angeline Ulrich **Harper Ulrich**
    Harper is a junior studying design. She is thoughtful, polished, and a quiet study. Harper reports to Bram, the senior of the two designers.

    Director of Sales: Beth Hannah Edwards **Beth Edwards**
    Beth is composed, unapologetic, and competitive. She drives a tight-ship in sales but is responsive and performative. Beth reports to VC.

    3 Sales Reps: Karen Susannah Ambrose **Kari Ambrose**, Griffin Russell Belcher **Griff Belcher**, Samantha Whitney Davenport **Sam Davenport**
    Kari is a fun-loving, kind, and teachable worker who loves talking to people.
    Griff is an established sales manager who prides himself on communication and drive
    Sam, the newest hire, is a precise and determined young salesperson with a competitor’s edge
    Kari, Griff, and Sam all report to Beth.

    Director of Technology: Bradford Owen Wu **Brad Wu**
    Brad is a methodical, easy-going, and highly authoritative voice in technology. Brad reports to Kat.

    Technical Project Manager: Ripley Eamon Paralta **Rip Paralta**
    Rip is a casual traveler, a curious soul, and someone who solves problems with ease. Rip reports to Brad.

    2 Web Developers: Stella Tipper Kenwood **Stella Kenwood**, Ana Viola Emmanuel **Ana Emmanuel**
    Stella is a receptive, fluid, and easy-to-work-with member of the tech team.
    Ana is a dynamic, opinionated, and change-oriented agent for improvements in the team
    Stella & Ana both report to Brad.

    2 Software Developers: Diana Nadia Unger **Didi Unger**, Helene Rochelle Colchester **Helene Colchester**
    Didi is a good-humored, social, and supportive, highly analytical developer with mad skills
    Helene is an accomplished, authoritative, and fearless developer with a long history in the business.
    Didi and Helene report to Brad.

    App Developer: Josephine Belen Esquivel **Jo Esquivel**
    Jo is a savvy, visually-motivated developer and a captivating public speaker. Jo reports to Brad.

    UX Designer: Magdalene Alma Friday **Maggie Friday**
    Maggie is a community-focused, philanthropic artist who loves UX and all things tech. Maggie reports to Brad.

    IT support technician: Thatcher Ira Grady **Thatcher Grady**
    Thatcher is a wise, systematic, and well-practiced IT problem-solver who is friendly to work with. Thatcher reports to Rip.

    Technology Intern: Huxley Roper Voss **Huck Voss**
    Huck is a young and hungry mogul with many side hustles who is deeply invested in changing the future with technology. Huck reports to Rip.

    QA lead: Winrose Daley Capshaw **Winnie Capshaw**
    Winnie is a hawkeyed, straightforward, and unbiased straight shooter and former NYT editor. Winnie reports to Rip.

    Accounts Manager: Lydia Grace Norris **Lydia Norris**
    Lydia is a calm, pleasant, and highly professional first touchpoint for clients. Lydia reports to Ted.

    3 Customer Service Representatives: Thalia Niomi King **Tata King**, Colvin Vladimir Reyvaar **Col Reyvaar**, Brittany Gemma Lukehart **Britt Lukehart**
    Tata is an outgoing, fun, and super helpful member of the CSR team.
    Col is an extroverted, confident leader with a competitive spirit and a helpful demeanor.
    Britt is a compassionate, sharp, and nurturing “mom” of the CSR team, with a razor-sharp wit.
    Tata, Col, and Britt report to Lydia.
    Aurora, Cosette, Sunday, Tatum, Zadie, Madeleine, Bea, Este, Ivy, December, Astoria, Aria, Bronte, Eloise, Juniper, Jordana, Rosalie, Maven, Santana, Cadence, Celine, Olive, Coralie, Hazel, Luxe, Zara, Petra, Jolie, Brynne, Margot, Birdie, Willow, Noelle

    Bowen, Mars, Huxley, Asa, Moseley, Oslo, Broderick, Crosby, Ansel, Teddy, Leo, Finn, Auden, Theo, Thatcher, Callister, Ledger, Orson, Brighton, Miles, Briggs, Wilder, Eisley, Dax, Moss, Bear, Quimby, Venn, Gene, Cruz, Caspar

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    Co-Founder/CEO: Katherine Pearl "Katie" Goto
    Co-Founder/COO: Timothy David "Tim" Edson
    Director of Finances: Vincent Charles "Vince" Battaglia
    HR Manager: Laura Melanie Quinn
    Front Desk Admin: Chelsea Carolyn Banks
    Director of Marketing: Amaya Renée Sandham-Fletcher
    Marketing Project Manager: Mindy Catherine Adams
    Content Marketing Specialist: Penelope Louise Bauer
    SEO Coordinator: Gavin Christopher Isaacs
    Email Marketing Coordinator: Tiffany June Gallagher
    Advertising & PR Coordinator: Sabrina Payton Kelly
    Lead Copywriter/Editor: Brittany Elizabeth Kaplan
    Freelance Copywriters: Fiona Rachel Murray, Gwen Lorelei Talbott, Yun An-Shi Zhang
    Social Media Coordinator: Isaiah Kenneth George
    Social Media Intern: Patrick Reed North
    Creative Director: Faith Winifred Novak
    Graphic Designers: Benjamin Zachary "Ben" Spielberg, Nigel Raymond Finch
    Design Intern: Hayley Allison Underhill
    Director of Sales: Brianna Hope Edwards
    Sales Reps: Keri Susanne Applegate, Grant Reginald Babcock, Stella Wren Davenport
    Director of Technology: Bradley Oscar Wang
    Technical Project Manager: Reuben Eli Park
    Web Developers: Stephanie Taylor Kirkland, Alicia Vivian Ebbing
    Software Developers: Darlene Noelle Ung, Hayden Ruth Carlisle
    App Developer: Jennifer Blair "Jenn" Evans
    UX Designer: Mallory Anne Feng
    IT support technician: Theodore Ivan "Theo" Geissler
    Technology Intern: Horatio Robert Velasquez
    QA lead: Wendy Denise Chamberlain
    Accounts Manager: Loretta Grace Norberg
    Customer Service Representatives: Tanya Natalie Kent, Craig Vernon Rochester, Brynn Genevieve Lowell
    Gentlemen: Andrew | Arlen | Finn/Finnegan | Harvey | Henry | James | Lachlan | Nolan | Patrick | Theodore | Thomas

    Ladies: Gemma | Jane | Lily | Phoebe

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