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  • Mila

    37 41.11%
  • Mina

    24 26.67%
  • Mira

    29 32.22%
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    Mila, Mira, Mina

    I'm curious which of these three you like best, either as a nickname or on its own. I love all three, but I'm also looking for longer forms of them to love, so if you have any good suggestions, let me know. And vote away! Thanks a bunch

    Edit: BTW, I am pronouncing all three with EE sound in the middle (MEEla, MEEna, MEEra)
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    I have a massive soft spot for Mira! My second choice would be Mina because Mila has never really sung to me.
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    Mila is definitely my favorite, followed by Mira, which is also very cute. Mina is nice as well, but I could only see it as a nickname, and even still I just don't love it quite as much as the other two
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    Definitely Mila.

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    I love Mila! It's so simple but lovely.
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