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    Sibling for Phoebe

    We're expecting a bub at Christmas.
    If we have a boy he will be Sullivan James or Sullivan Toby.
    We have a 2 year old daughter who is Phoebe Ruth. When we named Phoebe our only other name choice for girls was Piper (not related to Charmed- I never saw it). Unfortunately I now have a gorgeous niece who is Piper. I have no other girls names which I really adore.
    I have included some of the names on our 'potential' name list as inspiration. None are jumping out so it would be great to get new inspiration.
    - Elodie
    - Maggie
    - Hadley
    - Elowen
    - Willow
    - Zoe
    - Elsie
    - Audrey
    - Henrietta (nn Henri, Hattie)
    - Tilly

    Some middle names we've considered- Olive, Wren and Hazel.

    Any new names or suggestions would be so appreciated!

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    I would keep Henrietta and Hazel from your list (Hazel as poss first)! Some of the others there are good but I think if you can get a non two syllable -ee/-ey name to top spots, let’s leave them for now (Hadley, Zoe, Audrey). I also think you should try for a full name first (eg not Maggie or Tilly on own?).

    How about Phoebe and:

    Tilda (nn Tilly)
    Elspeth (nn Elsie?)
    Cecilia or Celia

    I wouldn’t use Wren even in second. Not nearly as nice as Phoebe imo and easily dated.
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    Love when posters reply to say what they’ve made of the advice (hint, hint)! It’s half the fun!

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    New blog post -

    Vintage Gems -

    ↠Leona Harper↠Felicity Wynn↠Irene Autumn↠Keziah Belle↠
    ↠Greta Paige↠Opal Sabrina↠Libby Sage↠Kaye Aurelia↠

    Boho Loves -

    ➵Zelda Drew➵Giselle Kate➵Verity Evelyn➵Clementine Olivia➵
    ➵Blythe Harriet➵Aspen Colette➵Jessamyn Chloe➵Holland Esme➵

    Modern Faves -

    ➼Kami Eleanor➼Hathaway Pearl➼Baker Isabelle➼Campbell Imogen➼
    ➼Shelby Florence➼Leni Amelia➼Chandler Genevieve➼Bristol Audrey➼

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    I love Elodie, Maggie and Elsie with Phoebe! Hazel is also cute . The pp suggestion of Georgina Hazel, Savannah Elodie and Magnolia Zoe are beautiful!

    Phoebe & Ada (Phoebe, Ruth & Ada - too biblical?)
    Phoebe & Adelaide
    Phoebe & Madeline
    Phoebe & Claire
    Phoebe & Rosalind
    Phoebe & Fallon
    Phoebe & Lacey
    Phoebe & Iris
    Phoebe & Ivy
    Phoebe & Lillian
    Phoebe & Hannah (again too biblical?)
    Phoebe & Norah
    Phoebe & Eleanor
    Phoebe & Lenore
    Phoebe & Stella
    Phoebe & Sophia
    Phoebe & Anna (again too biblical?)
    Phoebe & Adaline
    Phoebe & Vivienne
    Phoebe & Violet
    Phoebe & Veda
    Phoebe & Vera
    Phoebe & Beatrix
    Phoebe & Alice
    Phoebe & Grace
    Phoebe & Laura
    Phoebe & Clara
    Phoebe & Georgia
    Phoebe & Danielle
    Phoebe & Amelia
    Phoebe & Liana
    Phoebe & Ruby
    Phoebe & Scarlett
    Phoebe & Charlotte
    Phoebe & May
    Phoebe & Mabel
    Phoebe & Belinda
    Phoebe & Carys
    Phoebe & Christina
    Phoebe & Bethany (again too biblical?)
    Phoebe & Lucy
    Phoebe & Vienna
    Phoebe & Susannah
    Phoebe & Sylvie
    Phoebe & Lucinda
    Phoebe & Lucia
    Phoebe & Eliza
    Phoebe & Estelle
    Phoebe & Emma
    Phoebe & Emmeline
    Phoebe & Hadley
    Phoebe & Haidee
    Phoebe & Felicity
    Phoebe & Darcy
    Phoebe & Genevieve
    Phoebe & Juliet
    Phoebe & Julia
    Phoebe & Juliana
    Phoebe & Ellen
    Phoebe & Alma
    Phoebe & Louisa
    Phoebe & Eloise
    Phoebe & Cassandra
    Phoebe & Carolina
    Phoebe & Katherine
    Phoebe & Corrine
    Phoebe & Janessa
    Phoebe & Aurora
    Phoebe & Audrey
    Phoebe & Aurelia
    Phoebe & Isabel
    Phoebe & Bernadette
    Phoebe & Veronica
    Phoebe & Abigail
    Phoebe & Verity
    Phoebe & Willa
    Phoebe & Della
    Phoebe & Lola
    Phoebe & Erin
    Phoebe & Rowan
    Phoebe & Trixie
    Phoebe & Matilda
    Phoebe & Maeve
    Phoebe & Adriana
    Phoebe & Andrea
    Phoebe & Alexandra
    Phoebe & Alexandria
    Phoebe & Elizabeth / Elisabeth
    Phoebe & Laila
    Phoebe & Annabelle
    Phoebe & Imogen
    Phoebe & Anneliese
    Phoebe & Amelie
    Phoebe & Sasha
    Phoebe & Saskia
    Phoebe & Kaia
    Phoebe & Katia
    Phoebe & Seraphine
    Phoebe & Melody
    Top Favourite Combos
    Savannah Beatrix
    Felicity Ruth
    Amelia Lennox

    Judah Grey
    Hayes Matthew
    Wesley Nathaniel

    Savannah, Olivia, Esther, Amelia, Blake, Elodie, Isla, Naomi, Ruth, Felicity, Lilia, Hannah

    Elijah, Caleb, Matthew, Noah, Clayton, Jacob, Josiah, Mason, Hayes, Judah, Carter

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    Future babes- Tzipporah Yael, Yosi Immanuel, Ayelet Bea, Elie Jude, Ruthie Millay, Ezriel Asher, Liel Carmine, Ada Ruth, Liat Amelia, Davi Juniper 💕

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