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    Thank you all! We had our scan today and decided not to find out the sex. I asked my SO if he wanted to find it out without telling me to but he refused and said he's okay with waiting until the baby is born. Glad we have found some common ground...
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    I'm sooo undecided on this. I'm newly pregnant and right now my present choice would be not to find out. But the 20 week scan is still a long ways away! If he and I can't agree on names for both boy and girl then we may find out just to make that task easier.

    DH doesn't really answer these qs, like names and to find out the sex, because he's just much more cautious and tentative about it. Maybe after the first scan confirms it then we can talk more concretely about these subjects. For now I'll just peruse the name lists on my own!

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    I think the sex of the baby is a surprise regardless of when you find out. To each their own but I don't see the point? Especially for those who decide to be "team green" and have to stress over picking out both a boy's and a girl's name.

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    We were so committed to team green, we painted the baby's room green! The theme was baby animals and all the infant clothes were gender neutral. I didn't want to color code a baby from birth. (Our daughter is 4 yo now and loves pink and purple, which is fine, her choice!).

    If I ever have another I think I'd find out, and use the same nursery. I just want to know if I should keep or give away our closet full of girls clothes, lol.
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    I would love to be able to wait, it really does feel like peeking at Christmas presents! But my husband is a ball of energy who could not possibly wait. He seriously wants to do a DNA test just to find out the gender, instead of waiting until 20 weeks. I put my foot down on that one, but he is incorrigible lol.

    Also, @theofania I love your daughter's name and your signature names!
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