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    Feelings on Luca?

    So Luca has recently appeared on my radar. What do y'all think of this name?

    I asked my hubby, and his response was "yeah, it's nice... keep working on me..." hahaha - so he's in the maybe camp.

    I find this name simple, yet charming and uncommon.

    What are you feelings / thoughts / ideas??? Is it too date?? I've never met a Luca, so it's unique to me... but maybe it's not as interesting as I think.

    What kind of middles would you pair with Luca??
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    It's alright but I prefer Luke

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    I wouldn't consider it unless there was some connection to Italy/Italian in the family. It just feels like taking from another culture in a kind of arbitrary way.
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    I don’t mind that it’s taking from another culture as a starting point, I just find Luca a bit dated as far as hip boys’ names and too cute and light among all the Leos Louis’s. Lunas, Lolas and Lulas etc.

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    I adore Luca, I find him so simply handsome.

    I have Luca Thiago Roman on my list, Luca is actually quite a popular name so something more offbeat works best.

    What about:

    Luca Tiberius
    Luca Oceanus
    Luca __ Bear
    Luca Sterling
    Luca Dionysus
    Luca Endymion
    Luca Astraeus
    Luca Quintillian
    Luca Solaris
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