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    Initial CAF w/ 10 KIDS!!! [LONG]

    Get ready to CAF with 10 children! With the exception of choosing the last name, you'll be creating this family using the initial that corresponds to your question answer. This is involved and long, but hopefully super fun!

    Choose your personal favorite from this A-Z list. Your second favorite is the wife’s maiden name:



    Husband (DH):
    First name (FN): Which is a shade of your favorite color?

    Black: G
    Grey: P
    Silver: D
    White: A
    Pink: T
    Red: E
    Brown: B
    Orange: S
    Gold: X
    Yellow: F
    Green: Y
    Aqua / teal: M
    Blue: I
    Indigo: C
    Violet: L
    Other: U

    Middle name (MN): When is your birthday?

    January: Z
    February: V
    March: N
    April: H
    May: W
    June: K
    July: R
    August: Q
    September: J
    October: O
    November: C
    December: J


    WIFE (DW):
    FN: Which is your favorite season?

    Winter: B
    Spring: T
    Summer: U
    Fall: A
    Spring & Summer: F
    Fall & Winter: R
    Summer & Fall: E
    Winter & Spring: P
    Winter & Summer: H

    MN: What is your favorite sport to participate in?

    Table tennis (ping pong): N
    Tennis: I
    Golf: W
    Basketball: Y
    Cricket: M
    Volleyball: X
    Baseball: D
    Field hockey: Z
    Gymnastics: V
    Football: S
    Rugby: Q
    Hockey: G
    Cycling: O
    Swimming: L
    Running/Walking: K
    Snow sports: T
    None: C
    Other: J


    Child #1:
    Sex: Do you consider yourself a morning person?

    YES | girl
    NO | boy

    FN: How many siblings do you have?

    0: V
    1: N
    2: I
    3: B
    4: Z
    5: Q
    6+: D

    MN: When you were little, what job did you want when you grew up?

    Astronaut: U
    Scientist: E
    Firefighter: L
    Lawyer: O
    Teacher: J
    Pilot: S
    Police officer: C
    Detective: A
    Writer: P
    Doctor: Y
    Athlete: R
    Writer: X
    Actor: F
    Model: G
    Singer: M
    Dancer: H
    Vet: R
    Other: V


    Child #2:
    Gender: If you had to pick, would you rather go to a zoo or an aquarium?

    ZOO | girl
    AQUARIUM | boy

    FN: What instrument do you play best, or, if you don't play one... which would you want to play most?

    Piano: D
    String (i.e., guitar, violin, etc.): A
    Woodwind (i.e., flute, oboe, etc.): M
    Brass (i.e., trumpet, trombone, etc.): N
    Percussion (i.e., drums, etc.): P

    MN: What is your favorite animal?
    Primate (monkey, etc.): H
    Reptile (lizard, etc.): S
    Felidae (tiger, lion, cheetah, etc.): Z
    Farm (cow, pig, etc.): C
    Bear: B
    Bird: I
    Cat: X
    Dog: E
    Duck: Y
    Elephant: J
    Fox: T
    Giraffe: O
    Guinea pig/hamster: 1
    Hippo: G
    Horse: L
    Koala: U
    Octopus: K
    Panda: W
    Penguin: F
    Raccoon: G
    Rhino: F
    Shark: R
    Snake: P
    Turtle: A
    Whale: I
    Wolf: Z
    Other: V


    Child #3:
    Gender: Generally, which types of snacks do you prefer?

    SWEET | girl
    SALTY | boy

    FN: Which of these foods do you like the least?

    Olives: W
    Mushrooms: N
    Brussel sprouts: J
    Onion: D
    Broccoli: O
    Tomato: H

    MN: Which of these fruits do you like the most?

    Apple: Y
    Banana: K
    Blackberry: B
    Blueberry: T
    Cantaloupe: Q
    Cherry: C
    Cranberry: X
    Grapefruit: L
    Grapes: U
    Kiwi: S
    Lemon: E
    Lime: M
    Mango: W
    Orange: S
    Peach: P
    Pear: Z
    Pineapple: J
    Pomegranate: Q
    Raspberry: D
    Strawberry: R
    Watermelon: N


    Child #4:
    Gender: Would you rather travel by sky (plane) or ground (car, train, etc.)?

    SKY | girl
    GROUND | boy

    FN: Where on this list would you most rather go?

    Antarctica: F
    Australia: T
    Brazil: O
    Canada: V
    China: H
    Egypt: E
    England/Wales: C
    France: B
    Germany: G
    India: Y
    Ireland/Scotland: M
    Italy: I
    Japan: A
    Mexico: L
    Russia: K
    Spain: X
    Somewhere in the U.S.: U

    MN: What is your first language? If it is English, what is your second language? If you don’t speak a second language, what language would you most like to learn?

    Arabic: O
    Dutch: S
    French: D
    German: W
    Greek: N
    Hebrew: I
    Hindi: A
    Italian: K
    Japanese: Z
    Korean: J
    Mandarin: T
    Portuguese: B
    Punjabi: V
    Russian: P
    Spanish: M
    Other: L


    Child #5:
    Gender: Would you rather live in the mountains or by the beach?

    MOUNTAINS | girl
    BEACH | boy

    FN: What is your favorite holiday?

    Christmas: Q
    Thanksgiving (American or Canadian): G
    Halloween: F
    Independence Day (any country’s): H
    St. Patrick’s Day: E
    Easter: U
    Fathers/Mothers Day: X
    Valentine’s Day: C
    New Year’s Eve/Day (including Chinese): Y
    Other: R

    MN: What subject would you like to learn more about the most?
    Art: S
    Astronomy: F
    Business: K
    Dance: A
    Dramatics: P
    Engineering: B
    English: Z
    Languages: X
    Math: T
    Music: D
    Science: W
    Sewing/crafting: J
    Technology & Computers: U
    Other: I


    Child #6:
    Gender: Rock concert or orchestra performance?

    ROCK | girl
    ORCHESTRA | boy

    FN: What music genre is your favorite?

    Alt. Rock: Y
    Big band: V
    Bluegrass: H
    Blues: O
    Classical: Q
    Country: G
    Disco: E
    EDM: N
    Folk: C
    Funk: L
    Grunge: M
    Hip-Hop: R
    Jazz: H
    Metal: F
    Musical/Soundtracks: N
    New wave: Y
    Opera: S
    Pop: J
    Punk rock: D
    Rap: B
    Reggae: K
    Religious: T
    Rock: E
    Other: V

    MN: What book/movie genre is your favorite?

    Action and Adventure: G
    Biographies/Autobiographies: R
    Comics: X
    Drama: I
    Fantasy: Q
    History/Historical Fiction: M
    Horror/Suspense: U
    Mystery: A
    Poetry: C
    Religion, Spirituality & New Age: P
    Romance: O
    Satire/Comedy: Z
    Science/Science Fiction: W
    Self help: L
    Travel: A


    Child #7:
    Gender: Would you rather have a hot dessert (something fresh out of the oven) or a cold one (from the fridge or freezer)?

    HOT | girl
    COLD | boy

    FN: Which ice cream flavor would you prefer?

    Caramel: H
    Chocolate chip: W
    Chocolate peanut butter: S
    Chocolate: P
    Coffee: F
    Cookie dough: D
    Cookies & Cream: Q
    Mint Chocolate Chip: Y
    Neapolitan: E
    Pistachio: N
    Rocky Road: M
    Strawberry: K
    Vanilla bean: B
    Vanilla: V
    Other: Z

    MN: Under which category does the celebrity you’d most like to meet belong?

    Actor: R
    Artist: U
    Comedian: X
    Math: G
    Political/World figure: I
    Religious figure: T
    Scientist: O
    Singer: L
    Sports: J
    TV Personality: C
    Writer: T
    Other: L


    Child #8:
    Gender: Would you rather be on a lake or the ocean?

    LAKE | girl
    OCEAN | boy

    FN: Which type of game would you rather play?

    Videogames: B
    Computer/Browser: E
    Board: F
    Card: J
    Word: K
    Mobile (apps): S
    Puzzle: M
    Party: Y
    Other: R

    MN: Which flower is your most favorite?
    Azalea: I
    Buttercup: G
    Carnation: C
    Daffodil: N
    Daisy: Q
    Gardenia: W
    Hydrangea: H
    Iris: Z
    Lavender: D
    Lilac: O
    Lily: A
    Morning Glory: P
    Peony: X
    Poppy: U
    Rose: B
    Sunflower: J
    Tulip: A
    Zinnia: V
    Other: O


    Child #9:
    Gender: Would you rather drink something carbonated or not carbonated?

    CARBONATED | girl
    NOT | boy

    FN: What’s your favorite thing to drink?

    Coffee: W
    Diet soda: M
    Flavored water: I
    Hot cocoa: L
    Juice: E
    Liquor: T
    Milk (reg. or flavored): B
    Milk substitute: U
    Milkshake: C
    Mixed drinks: G
    Smoothie: N
    Soda: A
    Tea: Z
    Water (fresh or fizzy): H
    Other: X

    MN: What is generally your favorite fast food chain?

    Bojangles: Y
    Burger King: P
    Chick-fil-A: Y
    Chipotle: L
    Five Guys: Q
    Hardee’s (or Carl’s Jr.): Q
    Jack in the Box: S
    KFC: J
    McDonald’s: F
    Panda Express: T
    Pizza (Papa John’s, Dominos, etc.): L
    Popeye’s: D
    Sonic: V
    Subway: R
    Taco Bell: O
    Wendy’s: K
    Whataburger: E
    Other: P


    Child #10:
    Gender: Do you generally prefer dramas or comedies?

    DRAMAS | girl
    COMEDIES | boy

    FN: What channel is your current favorite TV show on?

    A&E: C
    ABC: V
    AMC: D
    Adult Swim: Z
    Amazon Prime: G
    CBS: F
    Comedy Central: W
    Discovery: N
    E!: H
    FOX: S
    FX: U
    HBO: B
    Hulu Original: O
    NBC: A
    Netflix Original: R
    TNT: M
    The CW: I
    Other: K

    MN: What social media is your favorite? X
    Facebook: J
    Flickr: F
    Google+: A
    Instagram: R
    LinkedIn: N
    Pinterest: T
    Reddit: B
    Tumblr: V
    Twitter: I
    YouTube: L
    Other: E


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    Colette | Stella | Theia
    Luna | Margot | Cressida | Felicity | Lacy
    Faith | Hope | Love
    India, Indigo, Indie
    Ada/Ava | Eden | Piper | Winter

    Sterling | Reign | Roman
    Jack | William | Emmett | Atticus | Felix | Linus | Adam
    Orson | Rhett | Roland | Wyatt | Westley | Holden
    Edison | Lincoln | Penn
    Forest | Atlas | Cypress | Boone | Shepherd
    Elias | Solomon | Moses | Ezra

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