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Thread: Age Gaps

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    My sister and I are 2.5 years apart, and I loved having that age gap. We are very close now and were even in childhood. DH is 5 years from his sister and they also have a really great relationship (Even closer now because she just had her first baby girl and we have a new baby girl too, cousins!). I don't think age matters as much as how the siblings are raised together.

    My first two are 2.5ish years apart, and while I loved that gap, I felt much more complete when I had two kids, even though it was a lot more work. My second and third are 2 years apart, and I loved that, but probably should have waited a little longer to have 3 kids. But now I'm pregnant with a surprise number 4 and #3 and #4 will only be a little over a year apart so that will be a bit of a challenge.
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    Depending on how things go, my ideal age gap is 3-5 years. I want each child to have their individual attention while new and the eldest to be more independent by the time a newborn arrives. I would strongly prefer the first born in kindergarten before we have a second.

    In my immediate family, I have two older brothers. One is 4 years older, and the other is 1 year 5 days older. I have always gotten along better and been closer with my eldest brother, whereas the brother closer to me in age and I never got along as kids or teenagers, and rarely speak as adults.

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    Where my family's concerned, I chose to be pretty much the opposite of myself and my siblings. I grew up as one of four, and now have four children myself (a little ironic, I know). Growing up, there were fairly large age gaps between all of us. There's twelve years between my older brother and I, eight between my eldest sister and I, then four between my older sister and me. Growing up, I found my sister who was closest in age to me - Beth - was the sibling I got along best with, whereas my two eldest siblings always seemed fairly removed, even from one another.

    As adults, whilst we still speak, only Beth and I have regular contact, and still spend time together for Christmas. There just seemed to be differences in our interests and personalities, due to the gaps, but it doesn't necessarily mean what happened to us is a rule. Two of my cousins - siblings who are ten years apart - are incredibly close, and have been that way since one was 23, and the other 13.

    The age gap between my eldest three is just over three years, and they've always really enjoyed the closeness. They have their little arguments - like all siblings do - but love one another's company, and due to being similar ages, they share interests more, which seems to bring them closer together! Whilst the girls are a little tighter - they share a bedroom and the gap between them is a little bigger than #2 and #3 - they're definitely all happy together.

    My youngest is four months, and Arwen, my oldest, is especially pleased to have a baby sister. It might be because their own age gaps aren't that large, but I've found they've always been very pleased at the idea of another sibling joining the family; even if DH and I think four is enough, despite them asking about a potential baby #5. Then again, as other's have pointed out, it really can vary; and sibling relationships can change over time, without always the most straight forward of progressions.
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    Our daughters are pretty much exactly three years apart. At first I didn't want a gap that far, I wanted to be pregnant before she was 2. But the gap is PERFECT. I am aiming for the same gap next time, roughly. I love it. C is old enough that she doesn't need me to do everything, and she loves to help out with O. Her level of understanding is developed enough that she understands that Mom needs to take care of O because she's a baby and needs more attention. She still has jealous moments, of course, but we have been able to keep them at bay by getting her involved.
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    My daughters are only 15 months apart. They are super close and love to do everything together. It was stressful with two babies, and now two toddlers but I definitely do not regret it at all. My sister and I are 4 years apart and we are super close. There is no “right” age gap, whatever you wish and what works for you is perfect!

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