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Thread: Age Gaps

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    I am a huge planner but of course, pregnancy and life doesn't fall to it.
    I feel 2-3 years is best as they can grow and learn from the siblings. I am also basing it on that most 3 years I come in contact with are pretty aware of surroundings and most if not all have asked their parents for a sibling.
    My brother that I grew up with and I are about 5 years apart and I NEVER felt a huge relationship with him, I am unsure if this is due to other factors like him being a half brother or another reason I will not go into.
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    Ideally, we wanted our children to be really close together, about 1.5 years apart, but as things happened we weren't able to conceive as early as we would have liked to, and will end up having a nearly exactly 2 year age gap, which I think is great. We will have at least one more after this baby, and to me, the closer in age, the better! I hope to be done having children before I'm 30.

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    When I get older and have children, if I had two kids then I’d like them to be 4/5 years apart but if I had a third then the age gap from the second to third would probably be 2/3 years.

    I personally don’t think age gaps determine if kids will be closer or further apart, theres 11 years between me and my sister and we’re super close.
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    I don't think there's any such thing as too close or too far apart. Sisters are sisters and brothers are brothers. Family is family.
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    I forgot about this thread!

    We were originally thinking about going for a 3/4 year gap, but instead decided to start trying a few months ago. No luck yet, but if I get pregnant within the next few months there will be about about a two year gap which I think will be nice.
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    My sister and I are two years and 1 month apart and have always been thick as thieves even as adults.

    My husband had between 18mont h and 4 year gaps between his siblings.

    I think I want to try for babies back to back. For us it took so long to actually conceive that I want to have them as close as the universe will let us.

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    Hmm... personally, I'd say close, but 2-3 years is good. It can be hard to connect with your siblings if they're a lot older -- my friend was in second grade when her brother graduated high school, so she didn't spend a lot of time with him. Two years is probably the best, but it also depends on how many kids you have. I'll keep thinking on this one....

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    We were going for a 3 year gap, but we're getting a 5 year gap. But #1 loves playing with little kids, is looking forward to begin a big sis, and talks about babies with her preschool friends who have siblings. I'm sure there will be rough patches, but I'm glad she's old enough to comprehend what's going on and maybe even help a bit.

    I have friends who have large age gaps with their sibs and are still really close. It depends more on personality than anything else I think.
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    I've always said 4-5 years between the first two then 1-2 years between the second two. After that, if I still wanted more, I'd probably want 2-3 years between each. That would be ideal, but obviously you can't always plan that so I wouldn't really care too much.
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    I’m 3.5 years older than my younger sister, and we’re very close, although it was hard as an early teen still playing Barbies with my little sister at times. I’ve always been very protective of her and try to take care of her as much as I can (though I don’t know why? We both live with our parents, who do more than enough for us!).

    S/O and I would like the same/similar age gap if we decide to only have two children - that way the elder one would be out of diapers and be able to occupy themselves from time to time if needed.

    Because we’ll be close to 27/28 when we TTC (we’re almost 24 currently), if we decide to have more, it’s likely we’d go for a shorter gap. 3-3.5 years between four kids would mean I’d be 36 or so when I was finished (one at 27, one at 30, one at 33, one at 36). It wouldn’t be terrible, but I have always said I’d like to be done having kids by the time I hit 35, so we might shrink the gap a little and shoot for 2 years in that scenario.
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