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    Name for Emery's little brother

    We are looking for a name for our second boy, expected in about 7 weeks...
    Our first born is named Emery Robert (boy).

    Which names do you think would be fitting?

    Some of the names on our list are:
    - Aedan
    - Lorian
    - Logan
    - Silvan/Sylvan
    - Caeden
    - Elai

    We also like Fynn (or Finn) but the name is VERY popular where we are (Netherlands; American/Dutch family); while Emery is rather unique.

    New suggestions are VERY welcome!

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    Of those my favourites are Aedan (alternate spelling of my partner's name), Logan (my surname -!- I think if it as very popular though, or would be in Anglo lands), Silvan and Caeden (especially Aedan and Silvan/ Sylvan, though the latter may go a bit less well with Emery, hmmm and Aedan/ Aidan is pretty popular in America etc I believe). Admittedly I don't know how to pronounce Elai though.

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    Thank you for your reply!
    Our challenge is to find a name that will be pronounced properly by both English speaking people and Dutch people.
    Names starting with a J are troublesome for that reason; and so are names starting with A or E when the vowel is pronounced as a single syllable (As in Eli (E-li); in Dutch, this E would sound more like 'A').

    Aeden is probably my favorite too; but I can't quite convince my husband yet... With the more regular spelling it is also a bit more common in the Netherlands (though not as popular as in the USA); But somehow I am attracted to the 'ae' letter combination :-).

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    Oh, and Elai I would want to be pronounced as A-lai (with - ai as in 'thai', from an American perspective). But that is the one name on the list that doesn't qualify because of the pronunciation issues :-?

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