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    Names you love the look of... but not the sound of

    Ever have a name that you just adore on paper but when you hear it said allowed are substantially less charmed?

    I remember when I was younger I adored the name Rowena, but had never heard anyone say it. I had always assumed is was similar to Helena, and in my head would say it ro-AY-nah or RO-ehn-ah. After I discovered it was ro-WEEN-ah my love for the name died.

    Anyone else have a name they love the look of but not the sound of?

    Some others for me:

    None of these are bad names, I just don't live the sound so I wouldn't personally use them.
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    Oleander Peregrine, Viridian Isidore?

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    Names we aren't using:
    Ptolemy Claude-Yves, Bartholomew Daedalus, Montgomery Belvedere, Hyperion Nightingale, Ignatius Voltaire, Dorian Alphonse.

    Isadora Eponine, Persephone Rosamund?

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    Names we aren't using:
    Ophelia Winter-Wren, Cornelia Beatrix, Euphemia Magdalen, Octavia Winifred, Honora Xanthe, Diantha Yvaine, Galatea Antionette, Lamia Odette.

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    Marjorie! Marjorie is a big one for me: it looks gorgeous but sounds awful to my ears. I also think Eulalie looks beautiful, but then the sound is... meh. It's nice, I suppose, but not nearly as nice as it looks. (Oh, and I'm 100% with you on Rowena. It looks so pretty, but the sound is not great.)
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    Saoirse and Aoife stand out to me, I absolutely LOVE the way they look but can’t love their pronunciations!
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    More than I can think of right now. There are, for example, names like Elowen or Emrys that I think look so beautiful, but when I pronounce them, their sound is just kind of underwhelming to my ear.

    Phineas looks great too but I don’t like the sound of it.
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    I agree with you about Rowena! I get it suggested so often because I love Rowan on a girl, but I just don’t like it.

    I love the look of Juno Ophelia (and it would have so much meaning) but the combo is a no-go for obvious reasons when said aloud.
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