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    Arabella Rosalie?

    Still trying to finalize name for DD #2! We’ve pretty much decided on Arabella as the FN but recently have really fallen in love with Rosalie for the MN. Last name is short: Lu.

    I want to get some external input as some family have given negative feedback that it is too “much” and sounds too frilly (although I admittedly love frilly names ☺️). Would love any input! The other name we’ve been seriously considering is Grace as the MN (both Grace and Rosalie would honor family) but feel like Grace is so common as a MN?

    Thanks so much!

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    I agree Grace is common as a middle name, although it is lovely. Arabella Rosalie is gorgeous though! Yes it is frilly, but that's not a bad thing especially as it's what you like.

    I know it's difficult, because we value the opinion of our families and those closest to us, but this is your baby, that you get to name. Once they meet her, they will love her and her she will suit her name perfectly
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    Arabella Rosalie is sweet! I like it
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    It’s beautiful

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    Arabella Rosalie is a beautiful name! She will have a very short last name, so it is definitely not too much. I like it!
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    I love that combo so much! If you love it then you should use it, and your family will eventually come around
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    I like it and I don't think it's "too much," you'll won't be using her full name all the time anyway so even if some people would think it's too frilly I don't think it's a big deal. They are two gorgeous names

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    Arabella Rosalie is adorable!! I also love the FN/LN combo - Arabella Lu is precious!
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    I love it! Such a gorgeous combo!
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    Arabella Rosalie is certainly a frill-filled name, and I love it! It's not too much at all.

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