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    In love with these nicknames. HELP find full names that work!

    Hi all! DH and I are due in 3 months and don’t know the gender.

    We are both really into these 4 “nicknames” but are looking for formal full names to make them work.

    1. Iggy
    2. Ziggy
    3. Zippy
    4. Tippy

    If we were to have a GIRL, what names would help us get to one of those! We would like them to be relatively clear connections, I.e. Zipora for Zippy, or Ingrid for Iggy.

    Thanks so much in advance!

    Also, please don’t suggest that if we love the nickname we should just go for it as a full. It’s not gonna happen. Haha. We love the idea of a fun nn we love, but we would like a more formal option for when he/she grows.

    Also, from reading these threads, I see that some people stand strong in their view that you should never name a kid for the purpose of making a nickname work. That’s fine, and you’re entitled to your opinion, but we don’t see it that way. If we intend to use the nn as a primary, we believe we can start there and work backwards.

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    Iggy - Ignatia, Ingrid, Imogen

    Ziggy - Azalea, Zinia

    Zippy - Zilpah, Zippora/Tzipporah, Tzippa

    Tippy - Temperance, Tzipporah, Tzippa

    I think there are probably other options but they'd be less closely linked to her nickname.
    Hufflepuff. PhD Student. Cat Lover.
    Alice Marigold. Eliza Avery. Mira Frances. Lucas Avery. Isaac William. Oscar Edward.

    If my S/O were fully in control:
    Alice Jane. Ivy Claire. Cleo Elizabeth. Ruby Helen. Sylvia Catherine.
    Luke Russell. Edward Paul. William George. Henry Isaac. Patrick John.

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    I love Zigmund for Ziggy & Ignatius or Indigo might work for Iggy
    beatrix, rosemary, matilda, clementine, piper, elowen, waverly, saskia, petra, lunaria, phoebe, louise
    roswell, caspian, felix, evander, finch, henry, august, ira, everest, grover, alistair, reid

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    Iggy, Ziggy, Zippy, Tippy:

    Tulip nn tippy
    Tabitha nn tippy

    Marigold nn iggy
    English nn iggy
    Indigo nn iggy

    Zinnia nn zippy or ziggy

    Since those are pretty unusual nicknames, it might be easier to work with the initials like I.G., Z.P. , T.I., Z.I., and Z.P.

    Zinnia Pearl nn zippy
    Zara Persephone nn zippy
    Zora Patrice nn zippy
    Xanthe Philippa nn zippy
    Zoe Priscilla nn zippy
    Zoelle Imogen nn zippy
    Zenobia Ivy nn zippy
    Tabitha Iris nn tippy
    Thea Ingrid nn tippy or Thea Ingrid Pearl nn tippy or Thea Imogen Piper nn tippy
    Tamsin Isobel nn tippy
    Tierney Iris Pearl nn tippy
    Isabeau Georgina nn iggy ... Isobel Gwyneth nn iggy
    Iris Genevieve nn iggy
    Imelda Gracelyn nn iggy
    Imogen Lilac
    Cambria Maeve
    Eve Galadriel
    Writer ~*~ Artist ~*~ Name Enthusiast

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    I’ll add Indigo, Ignacia, Ygritte, Brigitta, Marigold, Madigan for Iggy

    Little Laddies
    Soren Asa Leander
    Archer Finian Jude

    Little Lassies
    Juniper Eden Liv
    Marlowe Vera Iris

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