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    Jun 2013
    Mrs. Baxter
    Isla Ruth Anderson (sibling Kimberly in 1st)
    Rachel Carolina Brown (sibling Raelynn in 4th)
    Winona Maeve Collins
    Ivy Alyssa Dean
    Bentley Ulysses Fuller (sibling Landon in 2nd)
    Bryan Poe Giles
    Lilly Anneliese Hayes
    Anna Delilah Hunt
    Wednesday Felicity Johnson (sibling Cy in 2nd)
    Harrison Bodhi Lee (sibling Marlowe in 5th)
    Eva Grace Mitchell
    Hannah Seren Morley
    Jacob Wolf Nelson (sibling Blake in K)
    Sullivan Liam Peterson (sibling Todd in 1st)
    Oliver Andrew Roberts (sibling Jasper in 5th)
    Xander Blake Rushton
    Brittany Hannah Speroni
    Karter Woodrow Thayne
    Christopher Everett Turner *Topher* (sibling Grant in 2nd)
    Liesel Adelyn Woodland (sibling Briar in 6th)
    Adam Graham Zaharas

    Mr. Hastings
    Romy Isabelle Ballard
    Merrick Matthew Boyt
    Carson Mark Conway
    Peter Adonis Echols
    Caden Josiah Finch *CJ*
    Stella Dakota Green (sibling Zachary in 1st)
    Cooper August Hensley
    Fox Dominic Holden
    Tenley Penelope Jones (sibling Kayla in K)
    Colton Mercer Love
    Ruby Vivienne May (siblings Natalia in 1st and Quentin in 4th)
    Nathan Danger North
    Autumn Gabrielle Potts (sibling Emmett in 4th)
    Melissa Victoria Pugh *Mel*
    Byron Tobias Sharpe
    Anika Gabriella Stokes
    Nash Levi Taylor (sibling Marcus in 5th)
    Harriet Eloise Ward (sibling Aubrey in 6th)
    Raymond Sebastian Wursten *Ray*
    Lover of names, books, and true crime podcasts.
    College student hoping to become a children's librarian.

    Loretta Kathryn Ruth Joshua Seth Alexander April Ramona Nancy Nicholas Ross Eugene

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    Mar 2014
    Guys Nigel, Connor, Collin, Dillon, Sebastian, Kit, Cash, Elias, Darius, Demetrius, Sullivan, Christian.
    Gals Evadora, Hazel, Milicent, Florence, Luce, November, Winter, Rose, Lavender.

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