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    New crush: Philip?

    So for this baby if its a boy I really love Bryn Philip (first and middle), but when we talk about it, DH says he knew a girl in high school named Brynn and I am not sure if he is 100% sold, (anyone else feel like its pulling teeth to talk about names with their SO?)

    So that had me considering Philip, I like the name, and the meaning, and the nickname Pip.... But is it boring? plain? is he doomed to be a Phil? Does it clash with my other boys names? I mean we like Asher a little but its so trendy right now I am trying to avoid trendy names.

    What do you think? Could it work with older brothers Emers0n and Wild3r?
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    I love Philip. It was on my very very shortlist for Peter. Not at all plain.
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    I really like Philip. I feel like it's a classic that's not overused and is charming. I think you could enforce whatever nickname you wanted with it, but it's also not super long so it doesn't necessarily need a short form.

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    Hmm, I do like the name (especially nn Pip — adorable!) but it doesn’t feel like a natural brother for Emers0n and W!lder to me. That doesn’t have to be a huge deal, of course, but it sounds like sibset cohesion is quite important to you? I do agree that Philip is an underused classic, handsome and charming, but Bryn and Asher both feel more “right” with those brother names.

    How do you feel about Flynn, Bram(well) or another “Pip” name like Pepin, Piper or Peregrine?
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    I love Phillip. It sounds old, but timeless, and I like names like that.

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