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    @jensowvlen and @jemimak Thank you both! I am still hanging on. I hope you're both doing well!

    The sweep on Wednesday got me to 2 cm and produced lots of pain and cramping but only mediocre contractions that come every day for hours and then fizzle. They never get more than 15 minutes apart. Yesterday I woke up to a "show" and got all excited (I only ever noticed this when I was already IN labor with my first so I thought this must be it!) but I'm still passing bits and pieces and cramping and contracting just like before. So who knows. Just waiting for regular contractions every 5 minutes and/or my water to break and I am ready to go! 38+3 today. If not, my next appointment is at 39 weeks and he said he'd sweep again but I'm so hoping to go on my own by then.

    Hope you ladies are doing well. A week into June already! It's gotta be soon for all of us now!
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    Hello! I haven't been on here for ages! 9 days to go until my due date and baby is still hanging around haha. I think she's quite content.

    We had a few growth concerns around 33 weeks, and I have been going to many monitoring, drs and ultrasound appointments, but the last scan at 38 weeks showed pretty steady growth now and an average sized baby so they're all pretty happy now. I'm really hoping to go into labour early, but I now have this feeling that won't be the case haha.

    All baby stuff is organised so I'm literally hanging around waiting! So bored haha!
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    Congrats everyone and good luck! I'm due late August.
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