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    Congratulations @skarbassoona!

    I had my first ultrasound this last Wednesday. Baby is measuring a week ahead of schedule, and has a good strong heart rate of 163 bpm.

    By the way, when do you announce your pregnancy? We tend to wait until about 6 weeks to tell close friends and family, and 12 weeks for everyone else.
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    This time around. I've kept close family members in the loop since we were doing egg extraction. It just felt right to have someone to talk to about it all. So, they knew after I had my second blood draw results that I was pregnant. I will probably announce to everyone after my perinatal appointment at about 13 weeks, just to be sure that everything still looks okay. With my son, it was a totally different deal. He was a regular kind of miracle, not a science-aided miracle. We told a couple close family members at 10 weeks and everyone else at 14 weeks.
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    I tend to not even tell family until after 12 weeks, although this time I have told my sister early.

    I've had two scans now, and have another next week. I also found the baby's heartbeat with my doppler at 9 weeks
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    So happy to join you ladies!!! It's still soooo early for me. I just got my first BFP ever this morning! It will be our first. I'm 26 DH is 27. Took 6 cycles. EDD is May 24. Will be calling doctor tomorrow. morning. Praying for healthy babies/pregnancies for us all.

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    Congratulations all!

    I am 9 weeks today, due 15th April

    Have had no morning sickness at all, had sore breasts for a small amount of time but no longer have this either - had an early scan and all looks okay so far!
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