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    What do you think of Hadassah?

    Hi ,

    Sorry for all the posts but I have a couple questions about another name love - Hadassah.

    1) What do you think? (Vote on poll above)
    2) What could other nicknames besides Haddie be?
    3) What middle name do you think would go great with it (I'm think Hadassah Olive)
    4) What kind of girl do you picture with this name?

    Thank you!!
    ߡ Foster Gabriel ߡ Channing Eli ߡ Vaughn Ezra ߡ Brodie Weston ߡ
    ߡ Kellen Frankie ߡ Landry Elias ߡ Darwin Luke ߡ Crosby Nathaniel ߡ
    ߡ Gibson Roe ߡ Duncan Grey ߡ Reagan Harris ߡ Tate Wesley ߡ
    ߡ Grady Evan ߡ Tanner Maxwell ߡ

    ߡ Palmer Imogen ߡ Arlette Georgia ߡ Berkley Amelia ߡ Oaklyn Ruth ߡ
    ߡ Della Grace ߡ Arden Matilda ߡ Holland Maisie ߡ Zaylee Maeve ߡ
    ߡ Collins Freya ߡ Sylvie June ߡ Demi Helena ߡ Nayeli Cora ߡ
    ߡ Monroe Evangeline ߡ Blair Lucille ߡ

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    I'm personally not a fan as to me it feels very forced and clunky and just not attractive at all. I also feel like you could come across some pronunciation problems and if I'm totally honest with you, I'm not digging the fact that it literally has the word ass in it.

    As for nicknames, maybe Addy could work? Or Dash? Also Ada.

    And for a middle name, I'd go with something quite well known and short, Olive goes well.
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    I want to like it because I like Odessa, Susannah and Harriet but I find it a bit too intense. I guess that’s how I imagine the person with the name too: intense, proud and a bit officious, but they can be great qualities! It seems like the name of someone brave and interested in the world!

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    Sounds like head ass to me
    last name has all names ending in an L sound or containing Rs sounding rhymey or clunky
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    It’s a very religious Hebrew name.
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