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    brainstorming: sisters names & nickname ideas

    Lately I have been obsessing over names that have been 'hiding in plain sight; They are soft, strong, classic yet uncommon and maybe have a touch of storybook/whimsical feeling. I love the idea of four sisters called:

    Beatrix, Theodora, Winifred, & Josephine.

    Beatrix (or Beatrice) offers so many great nicknames (Bea/Bee,Bizzy/Birdie/Trix/Trixie etc.). If I had a Beatrix I would only call her Bee, Bizzy, "Bizzy Bee", or Trix/Trixie for short not as nicknames.

    Can you think of cute/spunky nicknames or short names for the other sisters? (Short names = Not necessarily a name they'd be called by everyone but maybe "pet names" like cutesy names only family & close friends call them for short)?

    Any creative suggestions? (Especially for Josephine). Kind of a stretch but I like the idea of Sophie or Sofie as a short name "family nickname" for Josephine but wouldn't want it to overtake the full name. Unless I had a real nickname I loved (not just a cutesy short name) then I'd want them to go by their full name in general.

    Also what would you name each girl's hypothetical sister or twin?

    Beatrix and ?
    Theodora and ?
    Winifred and ?
    Josephine and ?

    This is sort of for fun but also just a way to determine how different people interpret these names. I'm having a daughter in December so it's also for research/ideas too. Dang I just realized how much I wrote.. sorry!!
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    Theodora Violet “Thea" - Juniper Lark “Juno" - Winifred Fable “Wyn” - Sylvie Beatrix - Violet Seraphim Marlow Blue “Marley” - Alice Waverly - Josephine Willow “Fin/Finley” - Luna Sage “Lu” - Vesper Lee “Evie” Juno Andromeda - Willa Reverie - Sylvie Juniper

    Felix Jasper - Theodore Fox - Jules Seraphim - Kasper Lee "Kip" - Malachi Rivers
    Foxen Sage - Macaulay Finbar "Mac" - Desmond Mars - Larkin Evander "Lars" - Casper Sage
    Jules Atlas Peregrine - Sylvester Ambrose "Sylvie" - Jasper Zev

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    Ooh! These are not the style of names of would use, but I really love them as a guilty pleasure sort of style.

    Beatrix and Agnes
    Theodora and Millicent -could be Thea and Millie, ohmygoodness how sweet!!
    Winifred and Philomena
    Josephine and Cordelia
    grace . mumma to beautiful o.wen s.hepherd .

    Mae Evelyn + Lila Eve + Iris Eleanor + Thea Adeline + Ellie Adeline

    Leo Benjamin + Jonah Matthew + Reid Isaac + Kai Harvey + Levi Ronan

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    Girls -

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    →Callista Ruby→

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    My nn for each would just be repeats of what's already been said by pp.


    Beatrix and Florence
    Josephine and Louisa
    Theodora and Wilhelmina
    Winifred and Eleonora
    Mommy to Audrey Jeanine and Ezra Marvin

    Expecting Baby #3 April 2019

    Jasper Lee or Violet Lenore

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    Beatrix and Eunice/Eugenie
    Theodora and Clementine
    Winifred and Philomena (seconded)
    Josephine and Charlotte

    Theodora: Thea, Dorrit
    Winifred: Winnie, Edie
    Josephine: Phine/Fien, Seph
    not expecting, just a name nerd with a name blog

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