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    what's your middle name?

    Mine's Tikvah, which has the same meaning as my first name. I honestly probably refer my mn to my first and would go by it if it wouldn't make my mum so upset and my friends confused. Do you like your mn? Would you ever consider passing it on to your child?

    girls list-

    boys list-

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    My middle name is Olivia and while I'm not keen on it's popularity, I do like it. It's also my mum's, sister's and second cousin's mn and my auntie's first name. I plan on passing it on to my first born daughter.
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    Mine is Jane. So plain and boring. No meaning at all.
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    Mine is Pa1ge Butt3rfly. Unique, yes. I really like it, it suits me, especially with my unisex first.
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    Mine is Louise after my grandpa Lewis. I like the connection and the thought process behind it, but I'm underwhelmed by the name itself, I think Louisa is prettier but it wouldn't have worked with my surname.

    It's annoying because Louise is literally the most common middle name for girls in the UK, they did a survey and showed that was/still is used in the middle for a ridiculous percentage of girls. So people say 'what's your middle name' and you can almost guarantee that at least two-three women in the conversation will have the middle name Louise. I dislike that it's so common, but I like that mine has meaning behind it.
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