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    3rd daughter name clash?

    We have two daughters and are throwing around ideas for a third girl name. We’ve found one that we both really love, but is it too much of a guilty pleasure choice? Definitely doesn’t fit the style of our first two.

    1. Magnol1a - Magg1e
    2. Carol1na - Call1e

    3. Artemis - Arrow?

    Could it work? Thanks for your input!

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    I think as far as the full first names go, they all work fine together.
    The nicknames are a bit off in my option since Arrow sounds harsh and masculine compared to Calli3 and Maggi3, but if you both love it then that is absolutely fine.

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    I LOVE the girls' names! They are both long, frilly and really feminine names and I don't think Artemis fits in with that.

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    You're right. It definitely doesn't fit the style, but if you love it then you love it.

    If you want it to fit more, then I'd suggest a nickname that coincides with the other two. Maybe Maggie, Callie, and Temmie? Ashley has some better nicknames too.
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    What about Artemis nn Missy or Maisie ? Or maybe Artemisia as an alternative, it's a flower name and ends in -a sound like other two siblings ?

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