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    If you'd marry someone...Scottish

    So I thought this might be fun and I'll post more of these threads in the future. But for now the question is: If you'd happen to marry a Scottish person and you'd want to honour their heritage through the names you choose for your kids, how would you name them? You can have as many kids with as many mn and fn as you like but they have to be Scottish. Here are mine:

    Boy: Maxwell Sinclair
    Girl: Aberdeen Blair
    Quinn, Nadezhda, Pen, Harlow, Dahlia, Dakota, Tristen, Edith, Peppilotta, Madita, Lillemor, Velvet, Berlin, Alexa, Willow, Desislava, June, Clover, Raven, Foxglove, Morana, Delaney, Wednesday, Lana, Robyn, Fern, Aberdeen, Merilyn, Julep

    Niles, Grantham, Allen, Branson, Theodore, Eddie, Charles, Oskar, Karl, William, Barrow, Louis, Henry, Baxter, Quirin, Author, Fox, Forrest, Blyton, Roan, Stewart, Cobain, Fred, Hjörtur, Richard, Anderson, Archibald, Bran, Rurik, Reginald, Wes

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    I'll do names for three children:

    Eilidh Lilias
    Alistair Lochlain
    Isla Morag
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    eryn ∙ twenty-two ∙ united kingdom

    ❄ ❆ ❄ ❆ ❄
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    Olive Margaret / 21.10.18

    Fay Josephine
    Darcie Fleur
    Maeve Clementine
    Ginny Dorothy
    Marnie Florence
    Macy Delphine
    Alma Cecily
    Betty Seraphina

    Dustin James
    Grady Theodore
    August Willem
    Reggie Cain
    Lennox Graham
    Alfie Lawrence
    Remy Peter

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