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    Exclamation Due in 10 days ♡ Please help

    Here are the names I am stuck on... Just can’t pick between them, they all have such different vibes to them ect. I’m also looking into numerology behind the names which makes it even harder!

    1. Isobel Storm
    2. Delilah Wren
    3. Imogen Lace
    4. Arwen Raine (DH choice)
    5. Loreleï Faye

    Comment the number or name!
    Thank You ♡

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    Maybe Imogen Storm?

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    Ooh, great list!

    I love Isobel—that spelling!—but I might like Imogen better with Storm. Both are good combos though.

    Then Lorelei Faye and Delilah Wren, in that order. Not as big a fan of Arwen Raine (sorry to your DH!)—as a combo it's a bit too mystical/fantastical for me. (Lorelei Faye verges on that as well, but the mythology origins of Lorelei are not as strong in my brain.)
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    I've always been really partial to the combination of Lorelei Faye! And I feel like stylistically it's similar enough to DH's pick that he could probably get on board. My second choice is DH's pick, and my third is Delilah Wren.
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    Oleander Meadowlark (DH's current favorite,)
    Endymion Leopold, Viridian Apollo, Hyperion?

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    I love the name Isobel, so Isobel Storm gets my vote. Lorelei Faye is my second favorite.

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