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    making a nickname stick!

    so we are thinking for a girl

    Genevieve— nn: Neiva


    Whittaker — nn: Whitt

    We want them to be called by their nicknames. Do we intro them to the world (FB, baby announcements, etc) as Neiva Middlename Lastname?

    Or as GenevieveNeiva” Middlename Lastname?

    The one family I know who had success introduceded their son as Miles Lastname. I didn’t find out until years later his name is actually Janos Miles Lastname. He is now known as miles and will always be.

    Other couples who wanted kids to be called certain nicknames, well they never really stick if the full name is also presented at birth. What do you think?

    I’m leaning towards introducing as the NN only, but is there another way or reason not to do this?
    mommy to Mercer Isaac

    expecting a gender-surprise on 2.9.19


    Neiva Grace Ann


    Whitaker (Whit) Holt

    Wade, Whitaker, Hans, Slade, Wills, Holt, Turner, Mercer, Isaac, Drew, James, Weston, Andrew, River, Vance

    Evie, Dahlia, Drew, Neve, Neva, Essa, Phoebe, Maeve, Genevieve, Emerald, Leni, Poem, Rain, Sabra, Thea

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    For a formal birth announcement, go with GenevieveNeiva” Middlename Lastname. On Facebook or other informal announcements, it's up to you. But if you wouldn't want the formal name used on the most formal of announcements/documents (birth announcement and certificate, wedding invitation and marriage license, etc.) then don't give them the formal first name at all and just name them the name you want them to go by .

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    I would introduce them in your birth announcements as Genevieve "Neiva" etc. People will pick up the cue from you over time.

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    When I announced my babies' births I'd say something like this: We're thrilled to welcome Aurora Whitney! Our sweet Rory was born at 6:36 this morning etc. etc.

    We are about half and half in using their formal names and nicknames; generally my kids introduce themselves to others by the formal name, which surprises me a little. Friends and family usually use the nicknames. It works itself out!

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    We announced like this the first time:

    Charlie and Libby have arrived!

    Birth Date

    Charles Alexander Lastname

    Elizabeth Coralie Last name

    With #3 it was:

    We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the newest member of our family!

    Eleanor Iris (“Nora”)
    Birth date

    We generally introduce the kids to people by their nicknames, or occasionally like so:

    This is Elizabeth and she’s called Libby

    In classes they are called by the teachers by their nicknames.

    Our kids are all under 3, but so far the nicknames have had no trouble sticking!

    Elizabeth Coralie "Libby" - 11.15
    Charles Alexander "Charlie" - 11.15
    Eleanor Iris "Nora" - 8.17
    Magnus George "Gus" - 8.18

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