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    My grandfather is Timothy Jonathan *Tim* Howard, the famous actor. He's retired from acting now but makes appearances now and again. My grandmother is a retired playwright named Emma-Rose Morwena *Emmie* Howard (Lancaster). Papa Tim and Nana Emmie have four children.

    My aunt Katherine Cecily *Kat* Whitlock (Howard) is the governor of Rhode Island. She is married to a man named Davis Tobias Whitlock, who is a cop. I have two Whitlock cousins. Their older son is a journalist out in LA named Graham Kyle Whitlock and their younger son is a football coach for a college team in Michigan and his name is Dominic Gregory *Dom* Whitlock. Graham is married to an older woman named Olivia Ashleigh *Liv* Ford-Whitlock who is a food blogger and kind of a snob. They have preteen daughters named Ava Jemima *AJ* and Gabriella Eden *Brie* and a 7 year old son named Alex Otto Whitlock. Dom is not married but he has been with his girlfriend Lucy Michelle Kavinsky – a social worker – for 5 years and they have a 3 year old named Dash Paxton Kavinsky.

    My father is Matthew Joseph *Matt* Howard and he is a twin and an archaeologist. He is married to my beautiful mother Genevieve Clare *Viv* Howard (Lyons) who is a successful publicist and just incredible. I have an older sister named Brenna Zosia, an older brother named Dexter Gideon, and then there’s me, Serena Eloise. Brenna is a Bookshop & café owner and married to a beautician named Lea Violet Wright. They have a 6 year old son named Caspar Findlay *Cas* and a 3 year old daughter named Ramona Blossom Howard-Wright. My bro Dex is married to one of my dearest friends Amy Caroline *Ace* Howard (Jennings). She is a business analyst and a total boss and my brother stays home and is the best dad to their twin girls Stella Georgina and Daisy Grace Howard. I am a newly minted therapist and not married but dating a great guy named Jack Noah Rivera. He’s an app developer and a very smart guy.

    My father's twin, uncle Michael Penn *Mike* Howard is a sports commentator for Sports Network 5. He is married to a Korean-English translator named Helene Pearl McCoy-Howard. She’s so cool and travels the world with diplomats. They only have one son named Ian Bradley Howard who is an editor for a newspaper in Jersey. He’s not that nice of a guy, IMO. He has a daughter named Kendra Ruth who is off to college to study biology. She is wonderful. Her mother is an old ex of Ian’s named Bridget Elise Black, a doctor and a total badass. Ian is now married to a different woman, an artist named Isobel Alisa Newman-Howard who is also very cool. They have an 8 year old son named Isaac Edison and 5 year old daughter named Athena Lia Howard.

    The Youngest Howard, aunt Kristina Maria *Krissy* Day-Renard (Howard) is a judge in the state of Arizona. She lost her first husband in a horrible accident and keeps his name hyphenated to her current married name in honor of him. His name was Thomas Andrew *Tom* Day and he was a commercial pilot. She is now married to an also very nice man, a historian named Marcel Lucien Renard. Krissy has two children – one with each husband. Her older son Blake August Day is a professional boxer who is married to a fantastic marketing queen named Alexa Francesca Day (Lambert). They have two daughters named Ingrid Nina and Willow Greer Day. Krissy and Marcel’s daughter is a close friend and neighbor to me and her name is Margaux Vera Renard. She is a PhD candidate in Chemistry engaged to a wonderful guy who is getting his PhD in physics. His name is Ross Benedicts Waters. Margaux and Ross have a newborn son named Teddy Ronan Waters.
    Aurora, Cosette, Sunday, Tatum, Zadie, Madeleine, Bea, Este, Ivy, December, Astoria, Aria, Bronte, Eloise, Juniper, Jordana, Rosalie, Maven, Santana, Cadence, Celine, Olive, Coralie, Hazel, Luxe, Zara, Petra, Jolie, Brynne, Margot, Birdie, Willow, Noelle

    Bowen, Mars, Huxley, Asa, Moseley, Oslo, Broderick, Crosby, Ansel, Teddy, Leo, Finn, Auden, Theo, Thatcher, Callister, Ledger, Orson, Brighton, Miles, Briggs, Wilder, Eisley, Dax, Moss, Bear, Quimby, Venn, Gene, Cruz, Caspar

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    DH (88): William Arthur Griggs (Retired*Law*Professor)
    DW (85): Claire Charlotte Griggs (MN: Pemberton) (Retired Playwright)

    DD1 (62): Alice Philippa Griggs (Politician-MP)
    DS1/DS2 (60): Geoffrey Archibald Griggs (Archaeologist) & Oscar Noel Griggs (Marketing Manager)
    DD2 (57): Caroline Josephine Griggs (Judge)

    DD1 (62): Alice Philippa Griggs (Politician-MP)
    -DH (66): Edmund Grant Whitlock (Political*Science*Professor)
    --DS1 (38): Robert Frederick Whitlock (Journalist)
    --DS2 (34): George Gregory Whitlock*(Football Coach)

    DS1 (38): Robert Frederick Whitlock (Journalist)
    -DW (40): Annabelle Jessica Whitlock (MN: Coleman) (Food Blogger)
    --DD1 (12): Penny Clara Whitlock
    --DD2 (10): Evie Isabelle Whitlock
    --DS1 (7): Freddie William Whitlock

    DS2 (34): George Gregory Whitlock*(Football Coach)
    -DGF (31): Lucy Samantha Paulson (Fashion Merchandiser)
    --DS1 (3): Atlas Beau Whitlock

    DS1 (60): Geoffrey Archibald Griggs (Archaeologist)
    -DW (61): Cora Helen Griggs (MN: Lyons) (Sales Manager)*
    --DD1 (34): Leona Evelyn Griggs*(HR Manager)
    --DS1 (30): Simon Ambrose Griggs (Town Planner)
    --DD2 (29): Karina Eloise Griggs (Model)

    DD1 (34):*Leona Evelyn Griggs*(HR Manager)
    -DW (36): Maren Georgia Wright (Mathematician)
    --DS1 (6): Caspar Hugo Wright-Griggs
    --DD1 (3): Ramona Zelda Wright-Griggs

    DS1 (30): Simon Ambrose Griggs (Town Planner)
    -DW (30): Emily Eve Griggs (MN: Jennings) (Business Analyst)
    --DD1/DD2 (5): Sophie Georgina Griggs & Daisy Grace Griggs

    DD2 (29): Karina Eloise Griggs (Model)
    -DBF (28): Max Jude Byrd (App Developer)

    DS2 (60): Oscar Noel Griggs (Marketing Manager)
    -DW (59): Delia Ruby Cunningham (News*Anchor)
    --DS1 (35): Mark Bradley Griggs*(Editor)

    DS1 (35): Mark Bradley Griggs*(Editor)
    -ExDGF (35): Rosie Elise Black (Doctor)
    --DD1 (18): Millie Harriet Black-Griggs (Business Student)
    -DW (33): Alexandra Verity Wallace-Griggs (Diplomat)
    --DS1 (8): William Maxwell Griggs
    --DD2 (5): Amelia Adele Griggs

    DD2 (57): Caroline Josephine Griggs (Judge)
    -DH (deceased aged 32, would be 58): Thomas James Day (Marine)
    --DS1 (36): Sam August Day (Graphic Designer)
    -DH (62): Pierre Lucien Gautier (Antiques Dealer)
    --DD1 (25): Margaux Adeline Gautier (PhD Student in English Literature)

    DS1 (36): Sam August Day (Graphic Designer)
    -DW (34): Veronica Liv Day (MN: Graham) (Social*Media*Manager)
    --DD1 (9): Remy Keira Day
    --DD2 (6): Eden Greer Day

    DD1 (25): Margaux Adeline Gautier (PhD Student in English Literature)
    -DFiance (25): Ross Cormac Poole (PhD Student in Philosophy)
    --DS1 (nb): Ned Ronan Poole
    Current Favorites:

    Sophie * Margaret * Pippa * Eleanor * Annabel * Zara * Fife * Ailsa * Aurelia * Mae
    Grant * Samuel * Everett * Andrew * Graham * River * Frederick * Gatsby * Alasdair * Jude

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    LN: Lancaster

    DH (88): Theodore Axel Lancaster (Retired Actor)
    DW (85): Ella Charlotte Lancaster (Retired Psychiatric Nurse)

    DD1 (62): Grace Margaret Lancaster (Heart Surgeon)
    DS1/DS2 (60): Matthew Joseph Lancaster (Architect) & Michael Emmett Lancaster (PR Director)
    DD2 (57): Ruby Anne Lancaster (Judge)


    DD1 (62): Grace Margaret Whitlock (Lancaster) (Heart Surgeon)
    -DH (66): Austen Tobias Whitlock (Police Officer)

    DS1 (38); Graham Evan Whitlock (Film Maker)
    -DW (40): Olivia Rosemary Whitlock (Tucker) (Speech and Language Therapist):
    --DD1 (12): Phoebe Amelia Whitlock
    --DD2 (10): Hannah Marie Whitlock
    --DS1 (7): Alex Michael Whitlock

    DS2 (34): Felix Damon Whitlock (Walking Tour Guide)
    -DGF (31): Lucy Christine Lowry (Fashion Merchandiser)
    --DS1 (3): Dash Levi Whitlock


    DS1 (60): Matthew Joseph Lancaster (Architect)
    -DW (61): Cora May Lancaster (Mitchell) (Publicist)

    DD1 (34): Brenna Evelyn Lancaster-Wright (HR Manager)
    -DW (36): June Louise Lancaster-Wright (Dog Trainer)
    --DS1 (6): Daxton King Lancaster-Wright
    --DD1 (3): Ellery Blossom Lancaster-Wright

    DS1 (30): Rowan Jack Lancaster (Stay at home dad)
    -DW (30): Hazel Imogen Lancaster (Cartwright) (Business Analyst)
    --DD1/DD2 (5): Scarlett Isabelle Lancaster & Chloe Belle Lancaster

    DD2 (29): Aubrey Eloise Lancaster (Model)
    -DBF (28): Charlie Jude Rivera (App Developer)


    DS2 (60): Michael Emmett Lancaster (PR Director)
    -DW (59): Dominique Pearl Lancaster (Bell) (News Anchor)

    DS1 (35): Ian Bradley Lancaster (Cartographer)
    -ExDGF (35): Elena Kathleen Black (Doctor)
    --DD1 (18): Hope Eleanor Lancaster (Business Student)
    -DW (33): Mira Therese Lancaster (Vaughn) (Diplomat)
    --DS1 (8): Isaac Guthrie Lancaster
    --DD2 (5): Amelia Adele Lancaster


    DD2 (57): Ruby Anne Renard (Lancaster) (Judge)
    -DH (deceased aged 32, would be 58): Thomas Andrew Day (Marine)

    DS1 (36): Chase August Day ( Professional Boxer)
    -DW (34): Lexi Olive Day (Dunn) (Social Media Manager)
    --DD1 (9): Remy Jocelyn Day
    --DD2 (6): Zara Penelope Day

    -DH (62): Pierre Louis Renard (French Teacher)

    DD1 (25): Anaïs Vera Renard ((Ph.D. Student in English Literature)
    -DFiance (25): Ross Quinlan Poole (Ph.D. Student in Philosophy)
    --DS1: Linus Ronan Poole (nb)
    Annabelle Caroline~20~Name freak

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    Lost in a Book
    LN: Morton
    DH(88): Timothy Axel "Tim" [Retired Law Professor]
    DW(85): Ella Morwenna {Beckett} [Retired Psychiatric Nurse]
    DD1(62): Abigail Frances "Abbie" [Politician]
    DS1/DS2(60): Paul Joseph [Archaeologist]/ Liam David [Sports Commentator]
    DD2(57): Kristina Anne "Kristie" [Veterinarian]
    Tim and Ella Morton; Abbie, Paul, Liam and Kristie
    LN: Whitlock
    DD1(62): Abigail Frances "Abbie" {Morton} [Politician]
    DH(66): Caleb Peter [Police Officer]
    DS(38): James Matthias [Film Maker]
    DS(34): Joel Patrick [Chef]
    Caleb and Abbie Whitlock; James and Joel
    LN: Whitlock
    DS(38): James Matthias [Film Maker]
    DW(40): Cassidy Rosemary {Tucker} [Food Blogger]
    DD(12): Ava Emily
    DD(10): Gabriella Marie "Brielle"
    DS(7): Jensen Otto
    James and Cassidy Whitlock; Ava, Brielle and Jensen
    LN: Whitlock
    DS(34): Joel Patrick [Chef]
    DGF(31): Erica Michelle <Paulson> [Social Worker]
    DS(3): Fox Levi
    Joel Whitlock and Erica Paulson; Fox
    LN: Morton
    DS1(60): Paul Joseph [Archaeologist]
    DW(61): Anna Florence {Mitchell} [Perfumer]
    DD(34): Natasha Rebekah [Bookshop & Cafe Owner]
    DS(30): Jude Ambrose [Detective]
    DD(29): Aubrey Valeria [Model]
    Paul and Anna Morton; Natasha, Jude and Aubrey
    LN: Wright
    DD(34): Natasha Rebekah {Morton} [Bookshop & Cafe Owner]
    DW(36): Lea Marnie [Dog Trainer]
    DS(6): Daxton Hugo
    DD(3): Ellery Blossom
    Lea and Natasha Wright; Daxton and Ellery
    LN: Morton
    DS(30): Jude Ambrose [Detective]
    DW(30): Amy Caroline {Jennings} [Firefighter]
    DD/DD(5): Stella Aria/ Harper Ivy
    Jude and Amy Morton; Stella and Harper
    LN: Morton
    DD(29): Aubrey Valeria [Model]
    DBF(28): Max Keven <Byrd> [App Developer]
    Max Byrd and Aubrey Morton
    LN: Morton
    DS2(60): Liam David [Sports Commentator]
    DW(61): Dominique Mabel {McCoy} [Meteorologist]
    DS(35): Ian Bradley [Editor]
    Liam and Dominique Morton; Ian
    LN: Morton
    DS(35): Ian Bradley [Editor]
    ExDGF(35): Gwen Kathleen <Black> [Psychiatrist]
    DD(18): Kendra Ruth [Anthropology Student]
    DW(33): Mira Therese {Vaughn} [Artist]
    DS(8): Leo Stanley
    DD(5): Diana Adele "Annie"
    Ian Morton and Gwen Black; Kendra
    Ian and Mira Morton; Kendra, Leo and Annie
    LN: Renard
    DD2(57): Kristina Anne "Kristie" {Morton} [Veterinarian]
    DH(d@32*58): Harold James "Harry" <Scott> [Pilot]
    DS(36): Chase Leon [Professional Boxer]
    DH(62): Pierre Lucien [Antiques Dealer]
    DD(25): Violette Dawn [English Lit. PhD Student]
    Harry Scott and Kristie Renard; Chase
    Pierre and Kristie Renard; Chase and Violette
    LN: Scott
    DS(36): Chase Leon [Profession Boxer]
    DW(34): Lexi Liv {Lambert} [Content Writer]
    DD(9): Remy Nina
    DD(6): Eden Penelope
    Chase and Lexi Scott; Remy and Eden
    LN: Waters
    DD(25): Violette Dawn <Renard> [English Lit. PhD Student]
    DF(25): Albie Keith [Anciet History PhD Student]
    DS(NB): Teddy Ronan
    Albie Waters and Violette Renard; Teddy
    Slytherclaw, Divergent, Lounging in Cabin #13
    Proud Member of The One and Done Club
    Mommy to a Son: N.R.G.*.

    <3 <3 <3 Loving <3 <3 <3
    Vivienne, Harper, Clover, Lydia, Adelaide, Starla & Maya
    Walker, Keagan, Silas, Logan, Theodore, Tobias & Xavier

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    LN: Lancaster

    DH (88): Jacob Arthur (retired law professor)
    DW (85): Emma Rose Charlotte (retired playwright)

    DD1 (62): Alice Jane (politician)
    DS1/DS2 (60): Leo Miles (archaeologist) & Liam Nicholas (marketing manager)
    DD2 (57): Ruby Nora (judge)


    DD1 (62): Alice Jane (politician)
    DH (66): Caleb Tobias (LN: Whitlock) (political science professor)

    DS1 (38): Graham Matthias (film maker)
    -DW (40): Annabelle Grace (LN: Ford) (speech and language therapist)
    --DD1 (12): Maisie Clara
    --DD2 (10): Evie Marie
    --DS1 (7): Archie Felix

    DS2 (34): Felix Damon (chef)
    -DGF (31): Rachel Natalie (LN: Paulson) (fashion merchandiser)
    --DS1 (3): Atlas Beau


    DS1 (60): Leo Miles (archaeologist)
    DW (61): Sophia Florence (LN: Lyons) (perfumer)

    DD1 (34): Ivy Thea (bookshop & cafe owner)
    -DW (36): Maren Violet (LN: Wright) (mathematician)
    --DS1 (6): Caspar Hugo
    --DD1 (3): Matilda Joan

    DS1 (30): Rowan Gideon (town planner)
    -DW (30): Mary Imogen (LN: Hopkins) (business analyst)
    --DD1/DD2 (5): Scarlett Aria & Chloe Belle

    DD2 (29): Aubrey Eloise (model)
    -DBF (28): Charlie Milo (LN: Rivera) (app developer)


    DS2 (60): Liam Nicholas (marketing manager)
    DW (59): Fiona Mabel (LN: Cunningham) (news anchor)

    DS1 (35): Oliver Fabian (editor)
    -ExDGF (35): Gwen Elise (LN: Black) (psychiatrist) (mother of first child)
    -DW (33): Isobel Cassandra (LN: Newman) (artist)
    --DD1 (18): Millie Ruth (business student)
    --DD2 (8): George Edison
    --DS1 (5): Diana Eva


    DD2 (57): Ruby Nora (judge)
    DH (deceased aged 32): Thomas Andrew (LN: Day) (marine) (father of first child)
    DH (62): Marcel Alexandre (LN: Gautier) (historian)

    DS1 (36): Finn August (professional boxer)
    -DW (34): Veronica Olive (LN: Graham) (social media manager)
    --DD1 (9): Poppy Margot
    --DD2 (6): Eden Greer

    DD1 (25): Margaux Adeline (PhD student in french history)
    -DFiance (25): Evan Benedict (LN: Waters) (PhD student in philosophy)
    --DS1 (nb): Theodore Albus "Teddy"

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