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    Love the ideas of
    Beecher Fritz
    August Beecher

    I think the t sound at the end of August, flows well with Beecher.

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    I second August Beecher (nn Gus or Augie)! It was my first thought after reading your post. I think it's so handsome and sweet, and fits in nicely with his siblings names.

    I also love Fritz! Just not a fan of Francis.

    (Also I second Felix, I just prefer the nn Fox!)
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    I like Louis Beecher as a combo.

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    With such classic names as William and Henry for your boys and Margaret for your girl, I like Louis, nicknamed Louie.

    Other suggestions:
    Edward - Ned
    Edmond, Edmund - Ned
    Edwin - Ned
    Charles - Chip, Charlie
    James - Jem

    Nathaniel - Nat

    I would use Beecher as a middle name

    If you used a classic J first name (John, James) with middle name Beecher, you could nickname him Jeb.
    Or if you used John or James with a middle name beginning with D, for instance, James David, you could nickname him Jed, which I really like.

    Or even better uses John or James with Edward or one of its related names, for instances James Edwin or James Edmond. Jed would be a great nickname.

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    I love John and Francis! I also like Louis quite a bit and all of them work well with Beecher in the middle. I also second the suggestion of Philip with this sibset. While I like August, I feel like it is a little soft compared with William, Margaret and Henry. Nothing wrong with soft, it just stands out a bit in that way.

    My top pick for you:

    John Beecher
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