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    Talk to me about Zuri!

    I’ve recently discovered the name Zuri. I’ve been researching it a little, but not much comes up!

    I’m wondering what kind of vibe Zuri gives. If you met a little Zuri in real life, do you think you’d like it? Give me all your thoughts!
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    Tbh, I would expect a girl named Zuri to be black, since it is an African name. I do think it's beautiful though
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    I really love the name Zuri. My only concern would be whether it would feel culturally appropriate to use it, since it’s an African name and we live in a time of heightened sensitivity to potential issues surrounding that.

    If I didn’t know anything about the name, it would strike me as a celebrity name (in a good way), like Suri or Zuma.
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    I think it’s a very cool choice. I know a little Zari, actually, which I prefer (and think is stunning, in fact!)
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    I know nothing about the name, but I think it sounds cool and quirky. I like how it's short and spunky like Zoe, but much more unique.
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