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    Xanthe, Sadie and Lucy- Opinions?


    Wondering what your opinions are on the names Xanthe, Sadie and Lucy? Do you think they could work for siblings?

    Possible combos:

    Xanthe Brene [pronounced zan-thee bren- A]
    Sadie Beatrice
    Lucy Annabelle


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    I love Sadie Beatrice and I like Lucy Annabelle. Xanthe Brene isn't doing anything for me. Maybe because I'm reading it as Xanthe Bren-e, even with your pronunciation notes? I would definitely prefer Xanthe with a longer, slightly more frilly middle.

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    I like Sadie and Lucy together. Xanthe doesn't seem to fit very well.
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    Thank you very much

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    I love all three names but Sadie and Lucy are so much more popular compared to Xanthe which is why I hesitate.
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