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    Anna Audrey? Too many As?

    What are your thoughts on Anna Audrey as a combo? I don't have a problem with the run-on As because of the "aud" sounds at the beginning of Audrey, but I wanted to get other's opinions.

    Anna is what I always thought I would name a little girl (nn Annie), but Audrey is my grandmother's name, which I would love to use as a middle.
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    I've had the same issue with using family name Margaret as a middle but I also love M names. I drew the line at Martha and Marnie because of the repeating first 3 letters.

    I don't think Anna Audrey crosses that line. Personally I prefer Annie as a first name and it would reduce an A from the combo.
    In the end its not often the whole name is used
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    I really like Anna Audrey. I'm generally ok with alliteration, though.

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    I think it's okay. Besides, she probably wouldn't be called by her full name very often.
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    The a at the end of Anna kind of runs into the beginning of Audrey. However, honoring a loved one trumps the need for immaculate flow.

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