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  • Sure, why not!? It's only their middle name after all.

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    it depend, if i had loved the name for ages- eg. i'd loved the name Tom because it was my favourite book character's name or i saw it on nameberry. then friend calls son Charles Tom, i would still use it because i liked it previously from somewhere else. But if i saw Charles Tom's birth announcement on facebook and thought Tom was a really cool name which i hadn't considered before i wouldn't take it because i wouldn't want to be a name thief.
    it also depends on popularity of the name eg. if Charle's middle name was Iskander or something else unusual i would hesitate to use it unless the friend and i both had a reason to use it like honouring someone special. But since Tom is pretty common i wouldn't worry.
    it would also depend on how close the friend and i were. If they were a college buddy who lived quite far away and i didn't se all that often it might be less of a problem than if we were BEST friends.
    I would also ask the friend how they felt about me using the name. If they were okay with it then yay!-go ahead but if they told me the name had a lot of significance to them and they would prefer i didn't use it then i would respect their wishes. I'd put myself in their shoes and see how i would feel about my friend 'taking' my baby name. And i would think about what is most important to me- using the name i like or preserving that friendship. I absolutely would not use the name without the friends say so or 'do it behind their back'
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    I don't think it matters either, especially if it's a middle names. We rarely use our middle names IRL (unless your child decides to go by their middle name later on, but it seems that this practice is less common now) - I remember being excited to find out my friend's middle names when we had to fill them out on forms for our exams as it was the first time I'd heard some of their middle names.
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    I’d tell them I loved the name and ask them if it was okay to use. I imagine the answer will be Yes! If someone wanted to use my daughters middle name I’d be totally thrilled. I can’t imagine anyone having an issue with it.
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