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  • Sure, why not!? It's only their middle name after all.

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    Would you use a friend's child's middle name?

    My husband and I both like the name Ezekiel and currently it's our top choice if this baby is a boy. The only issue, it's the middle name of some of our best friends' son. Would you still use it?

    I know I wouldn't be thinking this if his middle name was a common name and we wanted to use it. For example if he was called Lukas James, I'd happily name my child James Theodore as I feel like James is so common that it wouldn't be like taking his name because it's not just his name. But Ezekiel is very uncommon, I've never met anyone with this name whether first or middle. It feels like it belongs to him in a way, so using it is almost like stealing it.

    Are we thinking into this too much? Would you still use it?

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    I think middle names are fair game! Even in my family we don't worry so much about middle names.

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    Why not? My best friends in high school had great middle names (Caroline and Lorraine) and I would use them in a heartbeat.
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    Hell, I'd use a friend's child's first name! No one owns names.

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    This response has made me very happy. Thank you all!

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