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    Iver, Ivar, Ivor? Pronunciation Help

    Hi there, long time reader, first time poster.

    My wife and I are expecting twins this September and one of the names I LOVE is Iver.

    The only thing is... I like it to be pronounced "EYE-Ver" and not "EE-Vor" or "EE -Vurr". The name has various origins from Scandi, Scotish, Welsh and English because of the Viking history behind the name as they migrated all over Europe.

    Can anyone tell me which spelling and origin would help ensure the pronunciation "EYE-Ver"?

    If we did choose the name for one of our boys, when people ask "where's that name from?" I don't want to say "It's Scandinavian" or whatever only to be corrected by someone saying "you mean EE-Vurr!?"

    Any thought or help would be much appreciated!


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    I think to get the EYE-ver pronunciation, Iver makes the most sense. I'll admit when I saw the thread I thought it was "ee-VAR" or something. I'd say Iver is the most obvious for the pronunciation you want (following the same grammar rules as the word diver).

    Congrats on the twins!
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    It seems like Iver fits best with the pronunciation you’re after

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    I love Ivor! As the English form of the Welsh Ifor, it's usually pronounced the way you like it, "EYE-ver". It might occasionally get the Welsh pronunciation (IV-or), but the vast majority of bearers pronounce it your way, so I think you're safe with Ivor. It also happens to be my favourite spelling -- I think it's gorgeous.

    I would stay away from Ivar, since, as you know, it's normally pronounced "EE-var". Iver is Scandinavian as well, which would open up ambiguities with the pronunciation.

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    I should have also mentioned that listening to them all on Forvo might clarify things!

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