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    If I was a boy I was going to be named Ivan by my Ukrainian father - pronounced EE-Van. So that is how I would automatically pronounce these names. However, I think if you used Iver and prounouced it EYE-Ver, everyone else would too!
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    Thanks for all the responses! That's a great help.

    Now I just need to lobby my wife some more to see if it can make the final cut ;-)

    At the moment my ideal name to pair it with would be
    We're having to boys and I think Ellis & Iver sound great together. They've got the heavy vowel sound which seems to be the key to a great name these days but an uncommon yet familer feel.

    Both have Welsh origins too, although that's not important.

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    I think Ellis and Iver sound marvelous together . (
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    Are you in the states? For what it's worth, my son is named Ivo and almost everyone initially calls him EYE-vo when reading his name. I actually pronounce Ivo as EE-vo (son wasnamed after a family member from continental EU), but would pronounce Iver and Ivor as EYE-vuhr.

    Also, I LOVE the idea of twins Ellis and Iver/Ivor. That's one of my favorite twin-set names I've heard in a long time!
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    Ellis and Iver = perfection!

    My slight personal preference is for the Ivor spelling, which I’d pronounce “EYE-ver”; however, if Iver is your preferred spelling then I think that works too and it’s probably the most likely to get your preferred pronunciation.

    Welcome to the forums and good luck!
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