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    Can I actually use Anouk?

    Anouk (ah-NOOK) is SUCH a long-time favourite of mine/ours, and I think it’s my objective favourite from our current shortlist of girls’ names. I love its soft-yet-spiky sound, its unexpectedness, and the potential for Anoushka as a pet name, which I think is fabulous!

    I’m due in February with our final baby, so this would be my last chance to use this gorgeous name. But I do have some hesitations with it, which I’d love your thoughts on...

    1. Is it too difficult to say? I feel like I stumble over it a bit sometimes, especially after “and”. And is the pronunciation intuitive from the spelling, or not?

    2. Does it sound a little too similar to our elder daughter’s name, Juno? I know they’re not that similar on the surface, but I don’t know... “Juno and Anouk” — lots of repeated sounds?

    3. Is it a little bit... pretentious? We do have French speakers in the family, but DH and I are both English through-and-through (though I speak fluent French). Would it be a bit “try hard” for us to give a daughter a chic French name like Anouk? If it makes a difference, our kids totally look the part, with dark curly hair and big dark eyes.

    Thanks in advance for any and all feedback!
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    1. I think it is easy enough to say and that the pronunciation is intuitive from the spelling. I can't think of another way that someone would say it, other than maybe ANN-ook. Personally, I find names like Aurora way harder to pronounce lol.

    2. I don't think they are too similar at all. I think it is kind of cool how both names have an O and U, but in reverse order...kind of like a little, subtle sibling tie

    3. Quite honestly, I had no clue that Anouk is French (then again, I speak no French nor have any ties to France whatsoever). I don't think it sounds pretentious at all!

    I think Anouk is a beautiful name and not one that I've heard where I'm at. I think it goes great with Juno and Kit. I picture an Anouk to be a self-confident go-getter, with a kind heart and a ready smile. If Baby does end up being a girl, I think you should go for it (or at least use it as a middle name, if you still waver). It is a name that you love and I fear that you'd just regret not using it.

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    1. To me the pronunciation seems fairly straight-forward. Unlike with say, Mireille or Guillaume, I don't see why people would really struggle with it. There are no silent letters, or combinations of letters that are pronounced differently in English.

    2. I don't think they are too similar.

    3. Anouk does have an exotic sound but I'm not sure if many people would be able to pinpoint it as being specifically French (or Dutch). I don't think Anouk Aimée is that famous in this country among the general population.

    Some people may find choosing a foreign name to be pretentious but I think people these days are exposed to a wider variety of names so it probably doesn't matter.
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    Anouk strikes me as a really modern name, and indeed it wasn't used at all in France before the 1950s, and didn't become popular until the 90s, inspired by Anouk Aimée. Either way, it's definitely a lovely name, and although I would personally prefer Anna "Anoushka", Anouk would make a brilliant match for the cosy, playful, classic-with-a-twist Juno and Kit.

    I don't think it's pretentious at all. Anouk isn't like typically French names such as Éloïse and Cécile (which lots of Brits use anyway) - it's more like a modern, international classic that isn't too tied to one culture, and is free for all. And my name sounds much more like my sister's than Anouk sounds like Juno, and we've never had any trouble with it!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy, by the way! I will look forward with enthusiasm to seeing what name you choose in the end.
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    I'm not sure it works sorry. I think a lot of people will struggle with it and I'm not sure it sounds right with Juno. Us name nerds may get it but 98% of non name nerds will not.

    Other suggestions -

    Juno and Annora
    Juno and Honor
    Juno and Lovisa
    Juno and Clarissa
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