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    I honestly think that Anouk compliments Juno and Kit with absolute perfection and a lot more than any other names I have seen on your list. It shares a few core letters with Juno without sounding similar and the prominent K with Kit, which ties everything perfectly together and just makes the trio seem complete to me. I so hope that if you have a girl Anouk will be her name, although I know you have brilliant taste and style and any name you choose will be perfect.
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    I LOVE Anouk with J and K.
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    I love it so much! And I think it sounds lovely with your other children’s names.

    Honestly though the pronunciation worries me. And I think that’s mainly because I’ve never met an Anouk in the flesh - I’m never quite sure if it should sound like book or something with a longer oo sound like Luke. I’ve heard people go with both and I’m not quite confident enough in my own name geekery to know which is more correct! It’s the same feeling I have with one of my other absolute faves, Ines - also because I’ve never met one in real life I suspect.

    But if you’ve got a pronunciation you’re happy with and you don’t mind telling people the first time when you introduce her, I don’t see it as necessarily an issue - there are lots of names out there that are not immediately familiar to people and their owners seem to do just fine

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    I really like Anouk and think it works well with Juno and Kit. I don't think it feels pretentious. I'm jealous that you have a clear favorite name already!

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! its not pretentious at all, its easy to say. And even if she has to correct people once or twice i do too and i have a relatively common name, people can make mistakes with any name. My friend Sofia has the most common name in the world and people still spell it Sophia. Anouk is lovely and distinctive. Go for it! and Anouk and Junois such a great sibset
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