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    Thank you so much all of you for your thoughts!

    @Alyssa I love that vowel link between Juno and Anouk! I hadn’t spotted that and it’s kind of cool.

    @kew Good to hear about sister names with similar sounds being doable — thanks.

    @wittyusername Hmm, that’s what I’m concerned about. I can think of a few friends and family who would totally love the name, but several more who won’t be familiar with it at all and probably won’t like it as a result. Not a dealbreaker for us necessarily, but for her...?

    @llbaby Thanks, glad to hear you think it’s a good fit for our family.

    @tranquilstars “If the name continues to feel perfect but not quite right, I would put it on the back-burner”. This is such great advice!! Advice that I really, really struggle to follow with longtime loves like Anouk

    @Jam the “oo” sound is where I stumble a bit too. I like it best with the authentically French vowel, sort of halfway between “book” and “boo”, but it really would be pretentious (not to mention impossible) to insist that all our English acquaintances say it in a flawless French accent every time. Which leaves me sort of hovering between the two English vowels, never really sure which will come out!

    @babymagic Ooh, a real life Anouk! Thrilled to hear it works (and interested in how she pronounces it?) That’s a very good point about “foreign” names becoming more and more mainstream — and for what it’s worth, I think Niamh is usable with no Irish heritage, at least here in the UK. I know non-Irish girls called Niamh and Aoife, and an English Eoin whose parents simply preferred that spelling.
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    I love it and think it fits with Juno and Kit.

    I dont think anyone would have to be told more then once or twice on how to pronounce it. Spelling it might be a little harder for some but even the most basic of names people will still spell wrong.

    Juno and Anouk, don’t sound so similar that they couldn’t be siblings. I actually think Juno, Kit, and Anouk are a sweet sibset.

    Not pretentious at all

    Can’t wait to see what name you both settle on for #3 I’m positive it will be another jaw dropper.
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    @katinka, the Anouk I know pronounces it rhyming with book.

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    Once again congratulations on your 3rd baby, @katinka!

    Anouk, as you probably know is one of my favorite names and high up on the list if we are blessed with another girl. For a couple of years now Anouk has always been on top of my list, but certain things like pronunciation have made me struggle. Now I feel a lot more confident if I were to have an Anouk, because it honors my MIL's name and it never hurts to be on the sweet side with the MIL and also because it leads to Anousha and Anoushka which are the two nicknames we'd use. Anousha because it honors my Arabic roots and Anoushka because I simply love it more than words!

    I honestly think that Anouk compliments Juno and Kit with absolute perfection and a lot more than any other names I have seen on your list. It shares a few core letters with Juno without sounding similar and the prominent K with Kit, which ties everything perfectly together and just makes the trio seem complete to me. I so hope that if you have a girl Anouk will be her name, although I know you have brilliant taste and style and any name you choose will be perfect. Hope I was helpful!

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    1. I don't think the pronunciation is difficult. I'm not sure of the typical pronunciation, but I pronounce it AWN-ook (AWN as in fawn, ook as in Luke) with the stress on the first syllable. I love saying it and would love to meet an Anouk!

    2. I don't feel that Anouk is repetitive with Juno, although I see what you mean.

    3. I do not get a pretentious vibe from Anouk at all.


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