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    I think it's a great name. I don't find it difficult to say (even after the word and in a sentence), too similar in sound to Juno (I think it compliments it nicely), pretentious or try hard. It sounds like the perfect director your family honestly! Good luck.
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    I love the name! I think it's totally unusable and pronounceable. It isn't too similar to Juno in my opinion and not too pretentious.
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    Kit, Juno, and Anouk are ADORABLE. My tongue kind of slips up with the “and Anouk”, but it also sounds just beautiful. However, if the name continues to feel perfect but not quite right, I would put in on the back burner.
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    1. I personally struggle with Anouk a bit, but I don’t think it’s all that difficult. I’m not entirely sure on how much emphasis to put on the ‘ou’ sound, i.e. Ah-NOOK (like nook and cranny) or with the ‘noo’ rhyming with moo or the end of who. I’d probably be fine if I heard it, but I’m not a fan of names I have to think about before I say them.

    2. I think Anouk’s fine with Juno. They’re not too similar with different initial and end sounds.

    3. I don’t really think of Anouk as French or pretentious. Going back to the pronunciation, I find it a little difficult to imagine, but I more see it as modern and stylish.
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    I also really love this name - one of my favourites. If it helps, I do know one little Anouk under five and I wouldn't say there are problems with pronunciation. If anything the name really stands out in a good way. As you said, it's unexpected. Juno and Anouk are not too similar to me.

    The Anouk I know does have French parents, but I don't think it's pretentious to use it if you aren't French. If you think about it people use French names all the time without having a French connection themselves. Tons of names ending in "ine" have a French origin and they wouldn't raise eyebrows. I do see where you're coming from though since Anouk is pretty distinct. If I had another girl I would love to name her Niamh, but I have zero Irish in me.

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