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Thread: Milo Beau?

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    Milo Beau?

    So long story short, my husband and I had a hard time coming up with a name for our second son. I really pushed for Milo as the first name, and he ended up agreeing on it. He had other names I think he would've preferred, but I wasn't really a fan of any of them. The middle was always supposed to be his pick, since our first son has my mom's maiden name as his middle in honor of her side of my family. We originally were going to go with his grandfather's name, or even his own name, but then he decided he really loved the name Beau, and loved the way it sounded with Milo. I didn't like it at ALL at first, and then I warmed up to it a bit after I slept on it. I'm still not wild about it, but I know it would make him soooo happy to use it. Just curious whether other people will think it's too sing songy or if it has some appeal after all.

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    I do find it to be a bit sing songy, but it isn't that bad. I personally think that the fact that you both got to choose names that you love outweighs the rhyme factor. Some other thoughts:

    *It isn't too late to change the name, if you decide to do that. Until something is on the birth certificate, you are free do hash this out until you find something you both are happy with.

    *Food for thought: people rarely use their middle names, other than on formal paperwork. Most of the time, he'd be just Milo.

    *Perhaps Miles "Milo" Beau could be a solution, if the flow really keeps bothering you?


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    Oh I LOVE the suggestion of Miles "Milo" Beau.
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