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    Harvey: useable in our current culture?

    My hubby and I are due in a couple of weeks (though it seems like he would very much like out NOW, thank you very much!) and we both like the name Harvey, a name we both heard on Suits. But is it a name to avoid for a while, between the Hurricane Harvey, Harvey Weinstein, and the fast food connection?
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    I really like it and I think its totally usable nowdays! I think it fits your boys names aswell
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    I actually struggled to think of any immediate associations for Harvey, let alone bad ones. I know a little Harvey, and I think it’s a cute name, and on trend.
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    I think Harvey has been a fairly well known name a long time before Harvey Weinstein, so he wouldn't be the first association for many people IMO. I think of the dog from the "every home needs a Harvey" British TV add/commercial so that's a positive association for me. Harvey is a very sweet name and I've always had a bit of a soft spot for it.
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    I think Harvey's usable because it's a well-established name. However, my first thought was definitely Harvey Weinstein, so I wouldn't use it myself.
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