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    I like it and don't think it's stuck to the associations you mentioned. Go for it!
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    I think it's still useable since it was a known name before the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke. There's Harvey Milk, Harvey Keitel etc.
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    Harvey is a great name.

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    It depends. Your worldview, obviously, has a huge impact on what well-known names have become unusable and which associations are simply unpleasant (to you OR to others) but can be ignored. Ask yourself, "How often will he really encounter the Weinstein scandal on the news by the time he's old enough to understand it? How often will he really hear about the hurricane?"

    My personal consensus is that I really like the name Harvey, but I would never use it at this point. The Weinstein association is too awful. But would I associate a child named Harvey with the scandal? No. Would I judge his parents for giving him the name? No. It's a great name, and it might just change my perception of the name.

    Ugh, I'm rambling, but I hope this helped somewhat.
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    I think it would be a bit weird to use it now since the Harvey Weinstein stuff just happened and it's a fairly distinctive name. If it were me I would feel the need to explain "we loved this name so much before all the bad stuff happened!" and that kind of takes away from the positive vibes. If there's anything else you like I would avoid it. Maybe Wesley?
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