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    It’s definitely usable

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    Absolutely usable: First off, it's a classic name with a history long predating any recent scandal or weather involving that name.

    I follow the news and still had to think about what you might be referring to as far as current events go. I think that's a good indicator: Harvey Weinstein (the bigger risk of the two IMO) is always referred to in the news with first AND last name. His first name is widely known so he doesn't own it (unlike Beyoncé, Madonna, Björk, etc). And I'm finding that the name Harvey is unaffected for me by recent news.

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    I feel like it was a well known name before the hurricane and the Weinstein scandal, so I think it's still usable.
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    I previously associated Harvey with the hurricane but now I associate it with Weinstein. He's a bad association but I have chosen to look past him because it is a great little name. I consider it usable.

    thinking about…


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    I think the question is if somebody did make those connections would it bother you? If not use it. If so Harrison might be a better alternative.
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