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    Oct 2016
    BOYS: Lysander, Raphael, Holden, Kearsarge, Merlin, Leo, Jasper, Scott, Byron, Wilhelm

    GIRLS: Serena, Rose, Lucky, Athena, Charity, Stella, Diamond, Brittany, Anastasia, Lorelei

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    May 2017
    DH(48): Bennet Harrison
    DW(47): Evelyn Lily

    DS(23): Silas Kai
    DD(20): Elanor Willow
    DD(16): Ottilie Olive
    DS(16): Alfred Indigo
    DS(12): Jackson Everett
    DD(9): Samira Lea
    DS(6): Logan Pedro
    DD(2): Melody Wren

    Ben and Eve with
    Silas,Ellie,Ottie,Alfie,Jackson,Sam,Logan and Melody
    🌸Adelaide Cora🌸Anya Florence🌸Eliza Annabelle🌸Elodie Zinnia🌸
    🌸Maeve Liliana🌸Rosa Heidi🌸
    ⭐Benjamin Sean⭐Casper William⭐Elias Joel⭐Henry Theodore⭐
    ⭐Oscar Wyatt⭐Isaac Eduardo⭐

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    DH [48]: Nicholas Maxwell "Nick"
    DW [47]: Evelyn Daisy

    DS [23]: Max River
    DD [20]: Luna Willow
    DD/DS [16]: Ophelia Pearl / Elliot Wolfgang
    DS [12]: Holden Fox
    DD [9]: Joelle Sonnet
    DS [6]: Derek Lucius
    DD [2]: Paige Winifred

    Nick & Evelyn with Max, Luna, Ophelia, Elliot, Holden, Joelle, Derek, & Paige
    Gentlemen: Andrew | Arlen | Finn/Finnegan | Harvey | Henry | James | Lachlan | Nolan | Patrick | Theodore | Thomas

    Ladies: Gemma | Jane | Lily | Phoebe

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    May 2014
    Austin, Texas
    We are the Webb Family. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

    My name is Winston Maxwell Webb, I am a 48 year old stock broker at WM Webb Trading with a sharp wit and a love of coffee.
    I’m Winston‘s wife Evelyn Lily Palmer-Webb, and I’m a registered dietitican and blogger who loves running and gardening.
    I am the oldest Webb kid. I’m 23 and pursuing a Masters degree in Political Journalism. I love football, friendship, and card games and my name is Theodore Penn Webb BUT I go by Theo.
    I am the oldest Webb daughter. I’m 20 years old and run a successful Instagram Marketing company while I pay my way through art school. I also collect old, dusty books. My name is Maeve Willow Webb.
    My name is Rosalind Pearl WebbRosy is fine – and I’m a 16 year old high school student. I’m in student government and debate, I love to argue, and I also love to write elaborate fan fiction. Oh, and I’m a twin.
    I’m Rosy’s BOY twin Boston Ephraim Webb. I am different from her in the sense that I prefer mechanical things and a lot less conversation.
    I’m 12 and in the 6th grade this year. My name is Sawyer Moss Webb. I collect specimen for my catalogue of insects and flora, I like to count things, and I enjoy walking when it is cool outside.
    I’m Indie. Indira Juniper Webb. I’m 9 and I like books and cake and our dog Biggs, and I like to spend time with my sisters and my brothers are mean to me and I like cats but we don’t have one and I like making things out of clay even though its messy and I can write the best cursive in my class.
    Mom: This is our very, very bashful 6 year old Bram Mongtomery Webb. He likes creepy crawlies, furry friends, and exploring outdoors. AND this is our youngest who just turned 2 in June, her name is Matilda Wren Webb and she is bossy, theatrical, and all sorts of busy.
    Aurora, Cosette, Sunday, Tatum, Zadie, Madeleine, Bea, Este, Ivy, December, Astoria, Aria, Bronte, Eloise, Juniper, Jordana, Rosalie, Maven, Santana, Cadence, Celine, Olive, Coralie, Hazel, Luxe, Zara, Petra, Jolie, Brynne, Margot, Birdie, Willow, Noelle

    Bowen, Mars, Huxley, Asa, Moseley, Oslo, Broderick, Crosby, Ansel, Teddy, Leo, Finn, Auden, Theo, Thatcher, Callister, Ledger, Orson, Brighton, Miles, Briggs, Wilder, Eisley, Dax, Moss, Bear, Quimby, Venn, Gene, Cruz, Caspar

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    Nov 2015
    No Coast
    DH (48): Austen Maxwell
    DW (47): Lydia Ruth

    DS (23): Silas Bodhi
    DD (20): Lucy Meadow
    DD(16): Portia Mercedes
    DS (16): Caleb Arrow
    DS (12): Atticus Lysander
    DD (9): Elodie Sonnet
    DS (6): Hugh Theon
    DD (2): Belle Rosemary
    Stephanie Rae
    American. 80's Baby. INFJ. Gryffinclaw. Reader. Gamer. Crafter. Hamilton Trash

    💍 10.06.18 💍
    Furbabies: Alexander Hamilton *Hammy*, Marquis de Lafayette *Laffy*, & Liberty Bell *Libby*
    Current drafts: Evangeline Alabanza Lore *Evie* & Judah Watson Lore *Jude*
    My naming style is: eclectic, literary, globalist, futurist, boho, preppy, a little bit vintage, a little bit rock'n'roll
    NB hobbyhorse: the Name Games forum / NB pet peeve: etymological fallacies

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