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Thread: Ingrid vs Mae

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    Ingrid vs Mae

    Our daughter’s name is Elsie (full name Elizabeth). We’re expecting our second daughter and love both Ingrid and Mae (we’d use Margaret as a full name). I know they’re very different options. Which do you prefer stand alone and with Elsie? What comes to mind when you hear both names?
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    I prefer Mae but not Margaret

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    I prefer Ingrid. Mae is a lovely name, but I think Elsie and Mae run into each other and sound kind of like a double barrel name if you're calling for them at the same time
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    I think Ingrid or Mae work well with Elsie. I agree that Margaret is a little too formal with the more nicknamey Elsie so I'd probably use Margot, Maria, or something like this for Mae instead. Ingrid Mae is a nice combo and then you could use whatever seems appropriate once the baby arrives.

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    I think both Ingrid and Mae work fine with Elsie. I feel Margaret is too formal as Elsie's sister though, so would just stick to Mae. Ingrid is a favourite of mine.

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