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Thread: Ingrid vs Mae

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    Stylistically, I love Margaret "Mae" with Elizabeth "Elsie"; they both are longer more traditional names with shorter and sweeter nicknames (*swoon*).
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    Ingrid is so incredibly lovely. Elsie and Ingrid sound beautiful together. Elsie and Mae, not so much...and it could become a run on Elsie Mae.

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    While I do like Ingrid, I've been loving Mae quite a bit lately. I think Elizabeth and Maraget are perfect together as are Elsie and Mae. Ingrid feels very different to both Elizabeth and Elsie in my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alchemicallypurplefairy View Post
    I prefer Ingrid. Mae is a lovely name, but I think Elsie and Mae run into each other and sound kind of like a double barrel name if you're calling for them at the same time
    My thoughts exactly!
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    Ingrid is gorgeous, but I have to echo previous posters that Elizabeth "Elsie" and Margaret "Mae" would make the perfect sister names! Both strong classics with sweet and wearable nicknames that feel both vintage and current.
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