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Thread: Ingrid vs Mae

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    I should have mentioned that our daughter’s full name is Elizabeth although we call her Elsie exclusively but it makes more sense with Margaret/Mae. Just updated post.

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    I love, love, love Elsie and Mae as sisters!

    I do agree with a pp that calling out the sisters' names together might sound like a double barrelled name. (ie Elsie-Mae)
    I think this would bother me personally, but it may not bother you at all.
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    I like Elizabeth and Margaret as the sisters formal names with the nicknames Elsie and Mae. It seems like more of a pattern. I do like Ingrid but it doesn't seem the right match for Elizabeth called Elsie.

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    I like Ingrid as it is a little more unexpected, but both go nicely with Elsie.
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    I prefer Mae though Ingrid is still beautiful; however I think Mae works slightly better with big sister Elsie. I agree with those who have said that Margaret seems too formal with Elsie and that Mae would work just fine as a standalone.
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